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  • Chill Ali - the marathon at the end of an IM is very different from a stand alone marathon, you don't need lots of 20 mile training runs, though I would do more than one two and a half hour run, as long as it's not likely to injure you. As for the century ride, I would suggest doing your normal training the week before and if you need more recovery time take it afterwards, you don't want to lose half your training the week before and after.

    When you had your OW swim were you ok? Most people's issue - if they have one - is with weeds or not being able to see the bottom etc, if you were fine with these things then you'll be fine doing FC, sighting isn't an issue at Outlaw. As for the winter pounds, neoprene is very stretchy image

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • wise words above image

  • Ali, I have never gone over 2.5hrs on IM training .... the key is running off the bike

    Long runs into marathon training territory go in to negative recovery as LMH says above

    The bike is the key  image

  • AliB, I share your wobbles. It seems a lot of people are quite relaxed about the whole marathon thing. I am hoping it is confidence from previous marathon / IM efforts and experience.

    I am following Fink Intermediate too and have been working on following the upper limits of time but increasing frequency. So for my LSR on a Sunday, when the plan has said 1h 30m, I have been doing 2h (covering about 25k), when the plan goes up to 2h, I will jump to 2h 30m and stay at that until June 16th where the plan has a 3hr run.

    There is still that massive unknown about the last 10k though! I predict a whole world of hurt
  • my can fit a light and aerobars EP...

    but it seems that tiredness is your main problem now......time and eneregy is so hard to balance

  • Ali if your worried you are not getting enough time running, then do the mon-Friday intermediate plan then do the sat and Sunday from the competitive plan. This way you get 2 long brick sessions per week.
  • Have faith in the plan! It works thats why its so popular for my first 2 IMs I stuck to it like glue only missing a couple of sessions and both times managed to RUN the whole distance so stick to the plan have faith in yourself and man (or woman) the feck upimage its not a knitting club image
  • PS 7 IMs later I still have mental wobbles you just gotta punch through them image
  • ... and you can always walk the marathon image.  IM marathons are definitely not as hard a stand alone marathons as your not pushing yourself at race pace.  I've been much more achy after doing marathons than after IMs!

  • Listen to seasoned (read that as old) competiors, they know what they are talking about, Stand alone marathon I will do 4-5 20 mile + runs, IM training never more than 15 - 18 miles, you can't afford the recovery time needed to let you body recover from those long runs, like RBM max says believe in yourself and trust the plan.

    Leaving myself wide open to abuse here but try some visualations stuff, try and take 30 mins a week, lye on your bed and try to visulise yourself, dancing on the pedals of your bike up a hill, running like the wind light on your feet, crossing the finishing line feeling fresh and great.


  • SA great advice i always say that IM is a mental game

    Its your brain that needs pushing to get you out to train on bad days

    I visualize on the turbo imagining i am pushing out a good steady IM pace and passing lots of people it always results in a good steady session

    I also visualise the really tough races and places where i really wanted to quit and remember that i didnt quit its all positive mind games
  • Hello folks

    I would love some advice / thoughts for this weekend.  I have an entry for each of the following (I double booked...idiot!):

    1. Half Ironman in Perthshire

    2. 105 mile sportive in the highlands

    I am really unsure what would be best to do.  I am doing my first ironman on 30 June (Austria).  I am following Fink intermediate.  It suggests a half ironman if possible at the end of this month/beginning of next.

    My main issues are that there are only 11 entrants for the half ironman and I suspect not all 11 will turn up.  In addition, I have real concerns about the water temp.  I suspect it may not be the practice event I was hoping for.  I really need to work on my bike too.

    That said, maybe a half iron event at this time would be really useful.

    Any thoughts / advice?

    Many thanks!

  • I am suprised they are bothering to run it with only 11 entrants, depends on your experience have you done a half before ?if so i would bin it do the sportive and either find another half PDQ or just do a home made one using the local lake prefrably or pool as your base and your car as T1/T2 if you havent done a half before i would stick to the half for the experience, the water will be cold but you got a wettie on see if the organisers will allow boots and gloves, stick on 2 swim hats and you should be fine

    Ignore anyone on here who suggests doing both! image
  • Thanks Ridge.  I have done a half before but it was a couple of years ago.  I am doing an open water standard next month so I will get some practice then, although not such a distance.

    I am leaning towards the sportive - I reckon that plus a run after might be a better option.

    The organisers have said they want to get established in the tri calendar and that is why they are running it despite the small field.  They have said we can wear boots and socks but I am still worried about the temperature.  I am not a fair weather runner/cyclist and have been out in all weathers this winter but the cold water does concern me and there is still some snow in Perthshire.

    I definitely chose a challenging winter to train through!

  • Now theres a plan!
  • I would normally say do the half .i would....for the open water swim and for the transition can do a 100 miler on your own on the bike easily...

    but with the half...if they are allowing the swim to go ahead in these temps I take it it isn't an offcially sanctioned i would want to check their insurance cover before i got into a frozen lake...and what cover they have in the lake......with 11 swimming who can spread out.....if the water temp is that bad several swimmers could get into trouble at the same time......I would want 11 canoes out there.....and I love swimming in cold water.but 1.2 miles is a long way in freezing water

  • Bbbrrrrrrr! So looking forward to Bala this year image
  • The Silent Assassin wrote (see)

    Double T


    If you want a Half IM soon, come and join us for this

    Thanks SA.  I have a wedding that weekend (and I live in Scotland) so I won't make it. 

    Seren - I appreciate the comments.  I've decided to go for the sportive.  It seems like the sensible option given the weather - the forecast says there is a chance of snow on race day!

  • I have just got back from an hill rep run session, it was interesting to say the least, hills+20mph wind=hell!
  • re long runs...

    when I was running regularly, then my max run was 2.5 hrs.  My weekly long run was 90 mins, then built in blocks to 2 hrs, then 2.5.

    The more advanced the program / more advanced runner you are, then the more weeks of this run volume youi can stand.

    Beginner programs (inc Fink) build you to be doing a 2.5 hr run, a big bike, (ie 6 hrs) and a long swim ideally all in a final week

    Advanced programs have you doing a basic week of those sessions on a regular basis.

    Intermediate fall somewhere in the middle.... 


    The IM marathon is not about being fast, just having the endurance / stamina to keep going at a steady pace. The bike is where you train your aerobic system and endurance.  
    In marathon training you can only do that on your long runs.  However, long (hard) runs are where you can get injured...... 

    As the others said above, stick with the training program as it works.


  • RBM are you camping at Bala? I am hoping the weather may be summer like and it will be nice nice enough to camp

  • BBT a group of us are at Glanllyn campsite where traditionally the pirates camp, not sure there will be as many as usual but a few of us will be there keep an eye out for pirate tops/shirts

    Summer? image this is North Wales last time i did Bala was the one where winter arrived mid June, rain, wind, sub zero windchill and a 30% drop out it was carnage image i will be packing warm kit just in cse
  • Camped at Glanllyn campsite in May once.  It snowed briefly the next day ...

  • I was so cold getting off the bike i cramped and could only walk backwards to T2 a helper took my hat off and changed my shoes i started the run walking backwards and never properly warmed up i was ceasing to function after the finish Lea the Pea had to help me get my bike and gear packed ....what a great race image
  • 4 hr cycle followed by 2 mile run, which should have been 45 mins but I was freezing. One of those days, it looks warm but ain't!

    Bala middle last yer was nice and warm, I was sat sunning myself whilst the OH did the hard work!
  • RP, know what you mean about the cold.  I planned to really target brick sessions this year but have been so cold coming of the bike my feet have been numb!

  • Well done, EP and RP - 4hrs in that wind? I'm afraid I bottled it ... image, planning to do 70 miles on Sunday, though.

    Good swim today - feeling really confident about the swim now. Hadn't had a proper swim for a couple of weeks and it was fine image

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