Fink for outlaw 2013



  • First 3k swim done. 1:20 so reasonably happy with that. 50 or so miles planned for the bike tomorrow. I wonder if it will actually be shorts weather soon?

    Rapidly bouncing between "Argghhh I'll never get round, I've left it all too late" and "You know, I think this is achievable"

  • so nthose staying till monday are you heading straight back or going to the pub first.just trying to work out if there will be meeting up on the monday


  • I will be travelling back early that monday so no pub for me
  • I will probably be taking a week off work after Outlaw so I won't have any requirements to rush home, so I will be around on Monday.

  • Planning on hitting the pub on the Monday
  • I may be able to drive back to Nottingham on the Monday if there is enough people going to pub, the Bridge was OK last year

  • I plan to have the Monday at the pub also, hope there's a few staying. Not sure I'll be up for a beer the day after but i've got the Mon and Tues off so I'll see how it goes.
  • I think the family will be keen to pack up and head home so doubt we'll make it to the pub, sorry.

    I'm not sure if I should be worried but I still don't ache after Sundays bike ride. Does this mean I might finally be getting fitter? Has a riding lesson last night and then swum this morning, comedy tan lines were rather embarrassing pool side so a quick dash and jump in was required! Now to see if I cease up during the day at my desk.

  • Horse and me will pop in the pub for a while, can't get pissed got to drive home. image
  • no one can tell you that you can make it EP.......we can all have a bad day......but to increase the chances then the long rides need to be put in......

    you have plenty of weeks to get them in still......some people like a few over 100....some will say 10 or so over 50 will do..but we are all different.......I think my OH who doesn't cycle but runs could probably go out and do the bike run tomorrow in the time.......but he comes from a faster, fitter base than me.....

    I think we have said with Fink before that the bike times are light as he assumes that beginners can ride 20 mph.......I haven't known any of the slower pirates sticking to just finks bike times........but that doesn't mean that it won't work

     Ironman is a long hard doubts about it and the cutoffs make it harder........but with the training we are all capable of it if we want it.........

    so think about why you started the journey..why you want to become an ironman........write the reasons down if you already haven't and keep them in a pocket somewhere and let that inspire you to keep training and keep moving forward

  • Here Endeth the first lesson.image
  • Whilst I don't agree that Fink necessarily assumes an average speed of 20 mph I do think that his 'Just Get Round' is aimed at time poor athletes rather than slower ones. My coach likes to give me several rides of five hours - but these come out at around 80 miles, and I like to do at least a couple of century ones too. Likewise Fink will have assumed that the longest sessions are done on top of all of the others rather than in isolation. Consistent consistency is key.

    I totally agree with Seren in that anyone can do it who wants it enough - but we said at the start, it's a very selfish pursuit and it takes over your life.

    Only you can honestly say whether you have any chance of making it in the time allowed and how much time and energy you're prepared to devote to it in the remaining few weeks. Assuming a 2 week taper that leaves 8 weeks of long rides and runs - and you'll need to be doing both every week, on top of consistent training during the week. Can you do that?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • I belieeeeeevvvah!
  • EP lifes a biatch and you need your job so that gets precedence but most of us are busy people with demanding jobs and families you gave just git to be realistic snd fit the training in when you can the long bike, tun and swim each week are key every thing else is gravy

    If you find uourself mooching around or vegging watching Tv then fill that with training

    Ironman is a massivly selfish sport and having the support of family is key

    Personally just tide for as long ascyou can 100 milers are great for self confidence but a quality well paced 70 is as good as a 100 spent twiddling around perhaps that is your key shorten your sessions but make them quality

    Get your head in shape you can do this and juggle all the real world crap it just takes planning, bloddy mindedness and a big alarm clock
  • The spelling in my last post is appalling in my defence i was training riding my bike

    OK i lie i was on the train with my bike because i wimped from training this evening image
  • Wussimage

    I ran 5miles this morning @ 9.12 pace and felt really good. Ran another 6 miles tonight with Horse @ 9.26 pace, surprised myself as the legs were working well and no aches or pains. image

    Need to do a good bike tomorrow.
  • In my defence I did do 6 miles tempo run with 10 mins of repeats on the local park huge set of steps at lunchtime image
  • Ok mate , your off the hook image
  • Plus i am not doing Ironman this year image
  • So hubby has not brought into the Ironman thing?
  • And there is always a next time its more addictive than crack!
  • I'm already looking at the next one image

    This is a 'get round' learning curve.

    I think next years will be later in the year though and I won't have so much other stuff going on (I hope)
  • I am lucky Mrs RBM is computer geek and we are chalk and cheese but she supports what i do although she has given up spectating a long time ago as she knows its the thing that keeps me sane image

    I respect her right to stew her brain for hours on end on a laptop and she dosent moan about me cycling for hours image

    I am sure you will crack it and hope hubs gets onside image
  • Jeez red wine head this morning image cured it with a quick 10 mile run image

    Reality check for me today going to a mates funeral he was only 57 which puts all this ironman malarky in perspective we are so lucky to be healthy and do what we do

    I expect more booze will flow this afternoon image after that i am back on the training wagon
  • Seren do you fancy OW swimming tomorrow morning in Chepstow quarry? 8/9 degrees atm 5 pound entry

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