Fink for outlaw 2013



  • I fancy it broke but will have to checki as I think someone might be visiting tomorrow.will let you know in a couple of hours.....


    I have done a 46 mile bike/ 4 mile run as a brick session with my OH as he had a day off.....

    he has only been on the bike 2 in the 18 months he has had it.and last time last summer he feel off a couple of times in a clipping incident.

    but no unclipping incidents and we maintained a fair pace..which is suprising as he still has sore legs from sundays marathon...

    which proves my point its all a lot easier for a fit male ( even though he aint young).......than for a slow female to do these things

  • yes BBT...........what time shall i meet you thereimage

  • I was hoping to go in the morning and be there at 9. But I am flexible and cam go a little later but would like to be started before 11.

    A little vague image shall we say 9 unless you want to go earlier
  • I meant later not earlier...
  • Happy birthday btw image

  • thank you.had a few drinks but 9 is great...will see you there.i will be the one in rubber image

  • 8 or 9 degrees ?? Dear god!

  • are you coming Pingu image

  • No!!  Lol.  image

  • It will be good practise for lanza, similar temp i heard? image

  • I'm still traumatised by the Hay sportive !!!

  • Ye me too, who's idea was that image


  • So how are we all on our last week of the build phase?

    I'm feeling good and nervously excited about hitting peak training but also concered as to how I will find the time and energy to fit it all in. Also it seems that the local OW venues open next weekend so time for brave girl pants looms near!

  • One last big cycle for me then I'm tapering for Lanza .. not sure where that fits in on the Fink plan image


  • it was lovely at the dive centre.will definitely go again.........

    only managed 25 mins though as it was a tad cold..9 degrees image

  • i would have stayed longer but BBT was looking cold.he hasn't got as much insulation as me image


  • EP - Be good if you could get you husband on board. It's all very time consuming. My other half comes on half the long bike at weekends then goes back to walk the dog and do manly things like cutting the grass.image

    Housework seems to be taking a bit of a back seatimage

    Having had 3 full on training weeks I've backed off this week, but I think it's all going to plan. I'm dreading getting in the lake. It's only 7 degrees though apparently opens in May i.e. next week. Gulp. As I'm also doing Outlaw half I need to get on with it.

    I have learnt this week that I can't run in my cycle top as it rides up and irritates me.

    I'm looking forward in a strange way to that 100miler on the bike and I'm getting there with nutrition.

    Still not sure what I'm wearing on the day though.

  • Long run on the Cornish coast path followed by a sea swim at Talland Bay time to get going

  • SS All my tri tops ride up on me on both the run and the bike, I think I should have bought a bigger size although they seem fine when I put them on.

    Keep mulling over rigging up some sort of toggle and loop system to try and keep them in place.

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    i would have stayed longer but BBT was looking cold.he hasn't got as much insulation as me image


    I only had skins on, swimming trunks 2 pairs of tri shorts, 2 thermal tops, 2 tri tops and a rash vest on, so I was toastie.... apart from my head but not much happens in there image


    Been for an awesome 66 miles bike as well today,coming down from Llangynidr mountain is great fun (even more than the going up), especially when you have a car up your arse and you him going down through the bends at 50ish mph image 

  • Is that the descent that comes down into LLangattock or Llangyndir?  I love the Llangattock one as it's not as steep and bendy and you can get up some fab speeds!

  • I ws thinking the same thing Pingu......I don't do the llangyndir one as its so steep you are on the brakes full on...but the long long one into llangattock is lovely....image

    I could not get this mornings long bike ride sorted in my head with wind directions and times etc......

    so took that as a sign that i am shatterred and I qam having an easy weekend.,......after hubby takes son to school we will just go for a gentle 25 miler.....realsaied in the last 4 weeks i have had 4 very hard long rides ( 131, 124, 88, 90 milers respectively with hills ) and so a break will do me good.....

  • Into Llangattock, I don't think I would have the nads to go down the Llangynidr one at speed either.

    The sun is out so going to practise putting up a the tent, see if I can do it faster than my last T1

  • Just cracked around a mile sea swim i am hoping that my head defrosts soon image

    it is so much colder this year but i have resolved to do 2 sea swims a week from now on

  •  That should do the trick EP more than one way to skin a cat and all that image as long as you are confident in your swim and doing the distance in the cutoff the bike really is the key

    personally i would do the open water swim and your half then as it more reflects what you are doing for the full distance

    glad to hear things are picking up workwise



  • EPvHas family not seen the amount of training you are doing and realised you are deadly serious about this image

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