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  • I feel for you lot, Fink for IronMan Wales doesn't start until Feb 11 2013, 6 more weeks of cake, TV, Rothmans & Guinness. 

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    flyaway - thank you. I'm glad I can oblige your sense of humour. Maybe I should say that I monitor HR rather than train to it.  Using the HRM is pretty new for me, as it just gives me something to look at instead of the garage door. So agreed on the range thing. Never looked at Fink so didnt realise that the ranges were so wide, but with tiredness vs freshness I guess then they fit. I can hold 80% for long efforts in a 2hr (eg 12min on /3min easy) on a good day. But zone 3 would be out of range, unless I was doing some short intervals. Zone 4 would never happen. I'm carp at getting my HR up outdoors as as soon as I get it up a bit then a flipping corner, decline or junction ruins it and droopage occurs.

  • TR wrote (see)

     and droopage occurs.

    that would never do ... image

  • Ow messed my neck up again and it's club swimming tonight. Will how I feel, I want to go but it may be a dumb idea. Really hope this isn't going to keep happening.

  • TR - Fink advises NEVER to train in Z3 as it is the least effective training zone.  most training should be done upto top end of Z2 and then intervals should be done at Z4 to get max benefit.  At this base phase, accordign to Fink, ALL training should be in Z1-Z2.  If i find myself venturing into Z3 then i either change down gears in biking or stop and walk if running.  requires constand HR monitoring tho....hope this helps.  if you want a copy of the training plan then just IM me your email address and I'll wing it across to you.  have got all the HR zones in there.

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    JD2 - most kind, but not at the mo thanks. I havnt taken part in Iron distance as yet, I do a couple of 1/2 IM most years. I was just interested in what sort of intensity/HR you folks were doing your base training at. How much bike does Fink have you do at the mo and through until Spring ?

  • TR - you need to remember that for the bike Fink recommends working out those HR percentages at your MHR - 10bpm.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Ali... hope it clears soon.........horrible having niggles.......

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    LMH - thanks, that means I'm not as low as seemed then.

  • Thought that might be the case TR. My Z2 for running is 138 - 152; on the bike it's 132 - 148. That's off a MHR of 185.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • I have Fink competitive programme in a word document if anyone wants a copy. Just private message me with your e-mail address and I'll send it.

  • Brick session tonight as per Fink, 30mins turbo followed by 15 min run, first brick for ages so legs felt a bit wobbly. I'm getting into this training lark
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    LMH - I reckon my max is about that too. 132 is faily easy pace on the turbo, 148 is pretty hard work does that sound about right ? Havnt got a scooby about running HRs though, not interested in those.

  • Actually completed 1 1/2 hour on turbo - with a quick toilet stop half way through. Haven't used HRM on turbo sessions - too distracted with my entertainment planning! Doubt if its even z1 - I'm not out of breath hardly at all ... Must test myself next time...

    ... Once the downstairs dept has, erm, recovered, that is
  • 30 min cycle and 30 min run. Finding it really difficult to get time for swimming at the moment.
  • Downstairs dept?? Oh err missus
  • Evil Pixie on that basis I would be inclined to bank a 20 mile run and 100 mile bike even if it takes you slightly over HR and/or time. 15 mile run and 70 mile bike leaves quite a bit to stretch up to 26.2 and 112 on race day. Only my opinion.

  • i am definitely going to go over hours with fink on the Bike and run.I will try and not go over the HR if I can help but definitely from the start will be doing longer bikes than he suggests as I know that I need the bike work to be done.....I have no problems with only doing a 15 mile I have done plenty of races in the past few years of 20 miles and more and so know my legs will get me there.............

    but I personally need a few 100's under my belt for the bike

  • Sounds spot on TR - I try to hit at least 151 within a minute of starting any efforts and then come out with an average for the interval above that - only possible on efforts over 4 minutes though. Just checked my Fink book and Z3 is 151 - 157. Although he said to avoid time in this zone my coach said that this thinking was now being questioned and anyway - the difference between 151 and 153 or or 155 - 157 is minimal to say the least so as long as you're above Z2 for intervals you're adapting.

    Britrisky - if I don't focus on maintaining HR on the turbo it drops really quickly and the session just passes time (unless you're doing the spinning at 100rpm+ in Z1) so worth focusing on that. It's actually much harder to ride to an average Z2 HR on the road than you think as your HR drops at every traffic light; right turn; downhill etc.Probably took until my second year of IM training (when bike fitness had increase somewhat) to be able to do it consistently.  Have you tried tipping the nose of your saddle down very slightly?

    EP - the run isn't such an issue, running the marathon at the end of the IM is nothing like running a standalone marathon and it will be willpower more than training that keeps you moving but you do need to get off the bike with time to do complete so I would opt for as many rides of around 80 miles as you can manage at least. Is your RHR still up or is it just on effort? If the latter then you need to JFDI as the chances are you've lost some fitness, if the former and it's no more than 10 bpm then working in Z2 shouldn't really put you at risk.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Managed my swim despite neck, it actually helped a bit but I didn't have time for the 30 mins turbo too. Now pondering weather I add it to today's 30min turbo 15 min run. The 15 min run is getting moved too. Really messing up the plan this week but I did the brick session last week and will do them properly after Christmas. So if I do 1hr turbo today and 1hr run tomorrow I'll be on track time wise.

    Could be a plan but parents are visiting this evening which may scupper the turbo.

    The run tomorrow will be 1hr starting in the pitch black at 6.20am, joyous!

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    LMH - agreed, seems kind of strange to ignore a zone (zn 3) that must be doing you some good as it'd be flipping hard work for me. Today I did 10min w/u and then 11x(8min/2min) alternating a bigger gear (~75 to 80 rpm) with ~90rpm on the 8min reps, with another gear lower again in the 2mins which were more steady paced. The bigger gear reps always end up ebing a bit lower HR wise, but I was around 140 to low 140s in the reps, and the av for the whole 2hrs came out as 134, which only just creeps into zn. But for the w/u 10min and first rep or 2 my HR is pretty low. All endurance gold though with a nice sprinkling of turning a bigger gear than I would outdoors.

  • My concern on HR is that my max is lower than 220 - my age and therefore the top of Z2 is actually the dreaded Z3. DF says that if you tank it on a 5k run you will be at max by the end. I am at least 10 bpm lower.

    My resting HR is mid to late 40s sat on the couch watching TV completely relaxed.

    Anyone know of a more scientific way of getting max HR tested?

  • Sweetfeet - why dodn't you just calculate the Heart Rate Zones based on what you think you MHR actually is?

    Here's a few other methods to calculate MHR:

  • long bike done today on turbo trainer as had some free time and an empty house image

  • just cross trained with another game of squash as my OH is off work just for today.............thinking about getting the turbo out.... the weather is not encouraging the bike riding..

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