Fink for outlaw 2013



  • i was sat down and couldn't be arsed to run.hubby made me get out the door and we managed to do 8.25 miles.really enjoyed it..i always do when out,....really pleased that he has finished his marathon that he can now train with me which makes it a lot easier for me

  • With OW if you can do most of your swims out of the pool it will be a breeze race day

    Outlaw has gotbto be the most benign Ironman swim ever basically its a mile long outdoor pool you are never more than 30 odd feet from the sides the only sticky bit is the start which can be a bit of a biff fest best to hang back s bit if you are not so confident and get a clear run

  • EP thats tough if they have no faith are they not into sport? what makes them think you cant do it, all ages, shapes sizes and abilities crack it every yesr the pirstes sre the most diverse bunch of talent you can get and its rare we have a peeps not crack it do as much training as you can have trust in yourself and your training and imagine their faces when you cross that line

    to be honest you obviously need the fitness but positive and tough mental attitude is the biggest weapon in your armoury image 

  • i got mine into running a year or two after i started..........he's much better than me but is happy to run at my pace when we go out together.....

    we couldn't go out this morning as my eldest didn't go out so i was hanging around till one when he finally went out so that we could run

  • Talking of freaking for my first ironman i done all my trsining but was a total basket case until the gun went off then i had a great day no lie its a tough day out but its more than doable fir anyone eho puts their mind to itimage

  • Seren i will never get my OH into anything active apart from walking the dogs but shes happy with that and likes that i am fit and not a slob at 50 odd image so shes happy to let me outvto play

    the kids especially my lad used to like the bragging rights at school "my dad plays football"   "pah my dad does ironman" image

  • EP THAT is precisely the attitude that will get you to the finish!

    if you dont mind me asking you say you are overweight is it going down with the training? 

  • I'm gaining as well.its pissing me off but i know its my own fault,.....I'm starving when training and I give in to it all the timeimage

  • My diet is pretty crap i manage my weight with extreme exercise image

    but i am a sucker for cakes n biscuitsimage

  • I seem to keep finding excuses to bake - daughter's birthday; 'they've got peanuts in so they're recovery cakes'; bread - with rye flour, that's got to be good, right?

    For me I'm enjoying the odd treat and feeling a little less guilty - its not helping the waistlines of the rest of the family though!   image  


  • EP at least when you finish this IM your OH will be onboard for your next one because he will know that you CAN do it image 

    If outlaw is a one off for your which other IM are you doing next? image

  • The amount of people i know who said they are only doing oneimage

  • Guilty as charged on that


  • unlike BBT.....who entered two before he had done one........and he is going to do brillinatly at both image


    to be honest after my first one it took me 2 years before i did my next oneimage

  • EP - I paniced in my first IM swim. The second was better but not much.

    What helped me was just to accept it. I spent a long time trying not to panic, it didnlt work.   I eventually started to realise that it doesn't matter. It's just a sign that you are pumped up and the adreneline is flowing , the panic gradually subsides over the course of the swim.

    My swim generally takes 5-10 minutes longer than the pool as I usually have to stop a couple of times. So for me a pool IM swim is 1:20 and my OW IM swim is about 1:28. Once I stopped being relaxed about the time and not worrying about stopping I felt more relaxed.


  • you were much faster than that last year in the new forest lake image

  • lol - I have no idea why ! I think it was so small I was dragged around by the others image


  • easy to sight and it did seem to be a calm lake if that sounds weird......

  • New bike shoes, DOG they made a difference, 87 miles done and they still felt like slippers (not that slippers would be any good on the bike)

    Managed to take in a little of the Manchester marathon as well


    Looking forward to next weekend, get to see lots of old friends and make some new ones


  • Im very tempted by bike show ........ what ones did you get?


    and well done on 87Miles image

  • SA, nice biking mate.image

    9 mile run this morning mostly off road, legs knackered now .  image

  • Dont panic! Mr Manwaring dont Panic!

  • I'm very impressed with all the OW swimming that's going on!  I'm still waiting for the heating to be turned up a bit ....

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