Fink for outlaw 2013



  • staying in a jotel on the banks of the thames, it looks lovely, i'm  thinking damn i wish i bought my wettie

  • The sea is a lot colder than usual at this time of year but it was Ok once we got going so i must keep it up now image

  • EP - the puncture was a sign - your body must've known it needed to rest image

    80 mile bike Sunday and 13 mile run yesterday, rest today image

  • Are we all to busy on our first peak week to post?
    Feeling quite tired on every session now but I am getting them done which I hope is enough.
    Got my 2nd ever Tri on Sunday, the spring version of the one I did last autumn. I want to be quicker this time but with a 4hr bike to complete tomorrow I have a niggling feeling I might be to tired to manage it. But it will be fun anyway and fingers crossed it looks like the weather will play nice as well.
    Then open water swimming on Monday eeeek, I am building this up to be much worse than it will be, well I hope so anyway.

    How many times a week is everyone planning on going OW? I'm thinking I need to go at least twice a week to try and get confident and good at it. (When is ay good I mean good for me, not good in general).

    Oh just thought are you all busy heading off for the pirate DIY half instead? I'm regretting not having picked that one now. But a venue reccy at outlaw half should still be beneficial.


    Hope everyone has a great bank holiday weekend.  

  • I've dropped to 2 swims a week now, and added extra bike, so probably will only do one OW swim (a week). I've done the full distance (once), so reckon that doing 3.5km twice a week will probably do (on the intermediate plan), whereas I know I need to get stronger and stronger with long bike rides, and am doing much more than Fink for the long bike sessions.

  • My local open water isn't opening until middle of mayimage so I'm bricking it about the swim. I was thinking 1 open water 1 pool but am also doing the half so seriously running out of time.

    Just upped my long run today as realised that I haven't really changed the distance on the long one and there's only 9 weeks to go, 3 of that tapering, 1 racing and 1 awayimage

    Biking going fine but have bought a new saddle as I want to wear my tri shorts instead of cycle shorts but it's quite sore in different places so I don't know. On Sunday I am going to wear tri shorts and a gel cover which I'm sure is definitely not the done thing on a road bikeimage

    Ali B - are you doing half and full? and are you doing the half Britrisky?

  • SS- Yes I'm doing the half and the full. I did 100 mile ride in my tri shorts and was really un-comfy from 70 miles and up and have been left with some chaffing so debating whether I just need to HTFU or wear proper bike shorts for the full.

    It has suddenly come round a  bit quick hasn't it? I've only done the Fink amount of bike plus the 100 miler but I'm equally crap at all three disciplines so can't drop one to concentrate on another.

  • Ouch EP hope he's all OK.

  • Yowch EP hope hes fine,

    people calm down image as long as you are thereabouts with the Fink plan and getting in the long sessions you will be fine the last few weeks really fly

    Brit 2 long swims and extra bike is a good idea in my books when i didamassive PB one year idid the same in fact i biked everywher image


  • Hope your son's ok EP

    I feel ok about the bike. Have done 3 weeks of 80+ miles followed by 4/6 mile run. Going to do 90 and 6 miles on Sunday. Have done the distance in the pool a couple of times so not worried about that just worried about the open water and I still can't imagine running a marathon after the biking so that will be whateverimage

    Just got to decide what to wear and perhaps turn my thoughts to the half as it's seriously closeimage

  • SS on that volume of work you will be fine, trust me the marathon just sort if takes care of itself, you are so glad to get off the bike after 112 miles a marathon seems like a good idea , also the releif as a first timer knowing that the things where things can go wrong out of. Your control are behind you and short of your legs actually falling off or not making the cutoff is a real releif and boost

    just make sure you get some OW exerience it really is a different (but much more fun) kettle of fish to the pool

  • I'm doing the full Outlaw, SS - doing the DIY half on Sunday!!

    it must be great getting into 3 figures with the long bike - I have about 3 century rides planned for later on, so I reckon that'll do.

    Really looking forward to the next phase - feeling full of beans at the mo with it all!!


  • Then you will be EP and you will crack itimage thetough battle is not the race its mantaining that desire and commitment through all this training the race is the icing on  the cakeimage

  • DIY Half today image

    SA and Mrs SA are awesome for setting it all up.

    I think I'm more excited at helping out tomorrow than racing it today.

     I'll be the one at theback

  • Good luck to all doing the DIY half this weekend

  • Good luck in the DIY half everyone, the SAs are simply awesome!

  • DIY half was epic but my god...we have to do TWICE that????

  • yep! twice the fun image

  • DIY was an amazing day. We have to do twice the distance but I think we've done more elevation in 56 miles today than in 112 at Outlaw!

    Can I claim long bike and long run and then have 2 rest days???

  • Had a great day at the DIY half at SA's place, Stanners, Matt, Soupy says her garmin says 3000 ft of elevation, no wonder my legs were knackered on the run  image

  • 300ft?    I think i'll stick to the relay next year and do the swim    image

  • I loved the DIY ha;f was tough as i was pushing it and so the run felt harder than it should have.......

    great to meet so many of the new pirates doing outlaw this year........incase you forgot I was the loud one image

  • Sounds like everyone had a great time at the diy half.

    I rode 90 miles followed by a 4 mile run. What I learnt - My new saddle shall be returned to shop and I'll put up with my old one. Will wear cycle shorts for outlaw and spend a bit of time in transition changing into and out of them.

    I drank 1litre of sports drink .75 water 2 cliff bars, 3slices malt loaf, 1peanut butter baguette and had a banana but didn't eat it. All whilst still cycling so only stopped once for a quick pee breakimage


  • Snail, unless you cycle at a vast speed I would say you need more fluid and more peeing!   speak from experienceimage

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