Fink for outlaw 2013



  • put off my long run today as feeling crap this morning...........changed routes several times in my head so that I could run short and then lengthen it if the end it was gorgeous out there and I did 12.8 fairly ahppy

  • Running Postie come and man up the Pirate Feedstation instead top fun!image

  • Love to but I will probably have stay at HPP, the OH will want to come as well! At least I can sit him in the stand or in the bar there, a bit more comfy door him

  • Postie - hope husband recovers quickly.

    On other news, I actually managed about 750m in open water front crawl. Yes yes yesimage Feeling bit more positive. Have swum last 5 days in a row though. Not my idea of funimage

  • SS.well done..sometimes that keep going everyday until it improves is the only week you will be swimming 10kimage

  • Sorry to here your about you OH Postie, hope he gets better soon.

  • SS see? Just keep plugging away you will be loving OW soon and never want to go near a pool again

    EP keep that Lurgy away!

     Today is my birthday, 53 and i dont feel a day over 60! Result! Got a day off work and Some retail therapy with Mrs RBM today perhaps some new kit!image

  • Happy Birthday Max!!

  • EP, can you not wear your normal glasses on the bike? that's what I normally do and there should be an area to leave them whilst doing the swim in prescription goggles.


  • Ta Joddly!

    EP lots of vaseline, rumours say it rots your wetsuit ( probably put around by the manufacturers of body glide at £££££ a pot!) had 2 wetties in15 Years of tri both been slathered in Vas and neither affected

    the bike is on generally closed roads but you still need good vision to keep a lookout for your fellow competitors TBH its ironman take your time in transition and put in your contacts the time spent will let you get your heart rate down after the swimimage

    do the race and practice your transitions including sorting your eyeballsimage but use it as training and do not go ballistic and injure yourself

  • Happy Birthday RBM image

  • IP thanksimage

    EP get a grip image

  • EP

    They have strippers at the swim exit, they are masters at getting a wetsuit off you in seconds


  • Hope you find some nice new kit and have a great birthday RBM.

    EP - have you cut your wetsuit arms short? That helps with getting it off - no further than the taping on the inside seam though.

  • Happy Birthday RBM image

  • Thanks all new Vivobarefoot Breatho Trsil shoes as BDay treat image

  • Do you body glide/baby oil your shoulders too EP?

  • ky gel....lubricates up brilliant.

    EP.go for it you will be fine.........


     Penblwydd hapus RBM

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    SS.well done..sometimes that keep going everyday until it improves is the only week you will be swimming 10kimage

    Err I don't think soimage

    Happy birthday RBM

  • Happy Birthday RBM

  • Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone having agreat dayimage

  • Hope hubby has a quick recovery RP.

    Haven't been able to train much recently, conbination of bad achillies and starting a new job. Not to worried though, I'll do what I do on the day. Got to set a time on the first one to smash it on the second image

    Happy birthday for yesterday RBM

  • BBT, given your biking ability, you could use the wind to blow you round the swim and walk the marathon and still beat most of us. Cracking attitude too!

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