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    so you are able to give advice on the courseimage

  • 50 min cycle this morning aiming for an hour in the pool later too.
  • Back on turbo yesterday - metronome app on phone to keep 100 RPM pace, then one page of Holg's book, then count 25 (1 min) before I turn to next page. 45 min spin session done!

    Back in pool today and brick sesh later - all is well.

    I'll be glad when the Christmas food has gone, though
  • 2hr turbo done 27 miles covered. Not as per fink but I'm doing what I can when I can over the holidays.
  • I'll be glad when the alcohol has gone!!
  • cycled 4.67 miles.ran 4.13 miles...............downed 3 pints and then cycled 4.67 miles homeimage


     not sure that fits into finks planimage

  • Britrisky wrote (see)
    Back on turbo yesterday - metronome app on phone to keep 100 RPM pace, then one page of Holg's book, then count 25 (1 min) before I turn to next page. 45 min spin session done!

    Back in pool today and brick sesh later - all is well.

    I'll be glad when the Christmas food has gone, though

    A metronome app!! Eureka! 

    Man, I love this site. Yes, you guessed it. I've been manually counting my RPMs but swiftly losing count after about 25 when the chorus of Def Leppard's 'Pour some sugar on me' kicks in. 

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    A metronome App may help but you dont need to count for a whole minute, I used to count 15 seconds worth then multiply by four before I got a bike computer that displays the RPM.

  • Had a good Xmas training week so far.

    Xmas Day - 30 min run

    Boxing Day - 1.5h ride with new 910XT to test it out (am loving it BTW)

    Today - 1h brick (30 min ride, 30 min run)

    All during daylight hours too! Makes a nice change from the early mornings.

    Hope everyone's having a good Xmas!
  • I am only counting for a full minute to pass the time. On a 100 RPM session I find that music puts me off and that I have to concentrate on the metronome so I don't slow down. A full minute before I turn the page makes me focus more and makes reading on a turbo more exciting ... If its possible that anything to do with a turbo can be exciting !!

    So who's doing this week's 1:45 bike on the turbo ???!!
  • TJ1004TJ1004 ✭✭✭
    Not if I can help it, Sunday is looking ok just depends on the water left on the roads for me.
  • Hour run this morning. Off to pool for hour and ten min swim. Hopefully get on the road for the cycle. Off to do some of outlaw first loop.
  • right been waiting all morning for eldest to go out so i can go he's gone I'm finding it hard to shove myself out the door..................

    I hate pool swimmingimageimageimage

    and its free swimming for kids so i wonder how many will be there on a wet friday betwen christmas and new yearimageimageimage

  • Well been in France for the pass week, took our bikes and then we're both ill, so trainings been a bit buggered.

    Will get on the turbo tonight and go for a swim tomorrow and try and get back on plan next week.

    Hope all is well with everyone else, diito about the booze, think I've drunk enough to sink a battle ship (husbands theory anyway).

  • Seren I am so with you on pool swimming. Its annoying when you have 4. Or more in a lane. Can't wait for open water to start.
  • Red dog.our pool never puts lanes in so its a free for all..............a lot of kids in the pool  but to be fair they were much better behaved than the pensioners who normally are in the pool in the day......

    funny how training works..had to drag myself to the pool.......promised myself that i could come out after 30 mins.then told myself to do another 10 and ended up swimming for the full hour...........

    managed to do the 100 lengths for the first time ever in the hour...2500k...........maybe because i hadn't done any other training earlier today or maybe just because you get faster by swimming moreimage

    anyway so chuffed to be able to tick the sessions offimage

  • glad to see you are back in action EP....


  • Ran 5.8 miles in 59 mins all in Z2, had Horse for company we chatted all the way so it was a nice steady pace (10.14m/m)and the rain held off image
  • After a promising start this week (4) has been blown apart by "yuletide felicitations". Managed both swim sessions on the wrong days and a boxing day ride and a run today before work. Even had to reverse the weekend as riding doesnt look fun tomorrow so will try and run in the wind and rain and ride on sunday.

    Most people sound like they have adjusted accordingly. Back to nearly normal next week.

    Seren... pool swimming with no lanes? I couldn't cope with that. Almost open water like.image Well done on doing a full hour though.

    New Garmin 800 for my birthday though. That'll help the bike miles tick over. Just trying to get to grips with Strava. Anyone else use that?

  • gits tried breaking into my shed for the bikes......luckily alarm sent them packing......all the bikes are now in my living room until tomorrow when we can get new bolts and padlocks etc for the shed............

  • Managed to brave the weather ( wind is fiece and nearly knocjef me off a few times!). Did 1:45 on bike. Glad its out the way
  • That must've been a 5.00 am start!! Good going, Red Dog
  • Red Dog.I'm impressed..........I'm checking the forecast for tomorrow.............if it looks dry early then I'm going to get out on the bike.............

    just did an hour run .. very wet........bathed and dry now so feeling better ... only got my long bike to do.......don't think I'm going to find a dry window to cycle in

  • Brit yes I suffer with insomnia now and again which is a pain but can help with training lol. Take care if you are out Seren wind around here is really bad now.
  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    quite warm here, just been for 2 hr run and was down to vest after 10 minutes. going for walk / run with my wife in a few minutes then a spin session later.

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