Fink for outlaw 2013



  • The Evil Pixie wrote (see)

    Oh and I'm not coughing I'm clearing my throat a lot just now *crosses fingers* image

    been trying to avoid the germ crew in work coughing and spluttering everywhere, just started dosing up on echinacea now daily, it's magic that stuff!

  • "The man who wishes to succeed will find a way, the man who doesn't will find an excuse. The darkest hour still has 60 minutes." (JFK I think!)

    I like that quote....the pain will end, and youo can find away to the finish if you want it enough image


    Thanks all for the good advice!

    Bin man - ha ha!! I did wonder if that's who you were when you said you were based in Ncl on another thread! Yes - it probably is my fault - I egged you on, and entered also - but I was fairly sure I'd not be able to do the run training so never thought I'd actually have to do the race! Anyway - not done a lot of running - but enough that I can't not carry on. At least you get your 'everest' over and done with first - and you will definitely get through it and then fly through the rest. I'll be right at the back on the bike and then hobbling round the 'run'....probably n one leg as I've had sciatica since march and it's flared up after cycling in the alps.


    Where are you staying and when are you going down? I'm going down on Friday and staying in the crowne plaza. Are your family coming with you? 

  • And nutrition? Not thought that far ahead!

    Im poor at eating and drinking on the bike but will probably drink energy drink all the way round as I like it, and have a bar or two every hour.. Don't really like sports bars though - I just eat plain old cereal bars usually. Can stomach anything on the bike though if I have too. Run will probably be mainly energy drink I suspect - but will go with how I feel - its a total unknown by that point.

  • The Evil Pixie wrote (see)

    I work in a school (teacher) so don't really stand a chance

    Maybe I should start wearing a mask and using hand wash/gloves!

    i thought I had it bad with a 4 yr old at nursery and a 6 yr old a school bringing every known disease home for me to test out! image

  • Just packed my gels for the bike - think I am over my baggage allowance!


  • Feeling sick or bad tum on the run?  Best thing is to stop puke or take a dump and get going again, I felt terrible at IM Bolton ended up in a portaloo simaltaneosly ejecting at both ends image within ten minutes I was right as rain and running strong

    My strategy I'd usually to stick to water and gels on the run until I am dying on my area then it's coke but when you switch you have gotta stay on it and take some as often as possible it really can raise the deadimage

  • All this packing only 2 weeks to goimage take a big chill pill everyone and ........relaximage

  • I am flying at 6am on Thursday morning!  

  • Fairy snuff image

  • What race you doing Gym Addict? image

  • You've done more than enough K9 and will certainly not be at the back on the bike!

    I love flat coke on the run and usually start on it at the first or second aid station then just have it as I feel - it's not as yucky, sweet and cloying as gels.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Austria


  • Omg!  Best of luck image i'm sure you'll smash it image

  • Thanks - super excited - training all went much better than I had expected after an aborted attempt at Outlaw last year (had to withdraw due to illness) so I feel like I have been training for 2 years at least.  

  • GA have a great race, Austria is meant to be a real blast, good luckimage

  • The Evil Pixie wrote (see)

    thinking about putting my 305 on my bike as a back up just in case I have issues with the 910

    Is turning it on, getting a signal, then leaving it on the window sill timer running a good way of seeing how long a full charge lasts or will it use more power on the move?

    Would be a reasonable indication.

    pressing buttons and using the backlight use more battery than leaving it alone but not much in normal use.

  • after the 112 miles on the bike on Sunday last nights 6 mile run felt surprisingly strong


  • Only another 20 miles to find then SA!! Hehehee image

    Yeah can't wait to read the race report GA image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Morning.  Day shift checking in to placate nerves and sooth minds...


  • It's rather close isn't it!  Glad I'm taking the Friday off this year to go up, make more of a weekend of it, did my head in working on Friday last year, my mind wasn't on the job!

  • The Evil Pixie wrote (see)

    Fraggle will know but I will be in complete panic mode.

    I'm registering Friday to try and give me some head space at home to pack (again) and focus. I'll get there mid day ish Saturday and will then commence to panic a lot.

    feel free to slap me with a wet fish or just let me cry on a shoulder.

    imageimage A large cod is standing by.

    Regarding nutrition if any of you are unsure about something me and sarah should be there early on saturday morning and sure she won't mind answering any questions people have. Take the oppertunity because she noramlly changes £50 for a private consoltation. Plus is as my profile is b*ggered she might not even see this post so can't tell me off of offering her services for free. image

  • Ready, steady, PANIC image


    just giving Mouse something to do ....!!

  • image Right your getting a slap to the head with a mackerel as well. image

    image I can say this and get away with is as no-one can see me, soon as RW tower's fix whatever they have broken I'm dead arn't I? imageimage

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