Best Bike for Outlaw?

Can anybody tell me if a road or TT bike would be best for outlaw? I have a cheap road bike at the minute but wanted to upgrade to either TT or road.





  • How good a bike rider are you ? And have you ridden a TT bike ?
  • I have never used a TT bike before. ive been using the clip ons since I started in March.

  • And what are your plans in the future ?
  • I want to start entering time trials and carry on with triathlons.

  • Both have their own plus points and negatives but a big one for me personally is the fact that non of my local bike clubs who I ride with allow you to use a TT bike on club rides so the road bike gets used pretty much all of the time . Also it takes quite a long time getting used to riding a TT bike ( position wise)
  • I dont ride with a club so I dont see that as a problem even if i satrted I could just use my current bike. I plan on taking a little bit longer to decided and hopefully try some options.

  • For racing on - a tt/tri bike will be fastest. They're not the best for training on though - tribars and traffic and crappy roads aren't a great mix.

    A road bike with clip on bars is almost as fast as a full on tri bike and more versatile.
  • Will you wear a pointy helmet? They are worth more speed than TT bike and considerably cheaper.

    Can you hold the TT position for 6 hours? (flexibility and fatness)
    Can you afford two bikes?
    Do you expect to ride over 7-hours? (could be embarassing on a TT)

    I would rather spend my money on a decent road bike first than a TT which is less comfortable, less use, more maintenance etc.


  • A properly fitted TT bike should be no less comfortable than a road bike.

    The Outlaw bike course is well suited to a TT bike.

  • Outlaw is a tt bike course. if you buy one then use it from april onwards.....
  • Thinking the TT bike might win. I will get a fitting booked and see what they recommend.

  • my TT bike is way more comfy than my road bike.. which is why I often commute on it (24 miles each way).   The outlaw course is flat so I will be using my TT bike.  See you there.  I do agree though, if you are going to be chasing the cut off you will look a bit of a prune on a £5k TT bike.  All the gear and no idea will be the unsung chant of the crowd along the edges of transition...

  • I am looking for somthing around 6 hours 

  • I wondered what everyone was chanting PSCimage

  • LOL Dusty...


    Jason - then a TT bike will be fine... and will be quicker than a roadie.

  • PSC wrote (see)

    LOL Dusty...

     Jason - then a TT bike will be fine... and will be quicker than a roadie.

    Unless you are really fat and have to spread your knees around your gut on a TT bike when bent over! Seriously not everyone finds the TT position that comfy for 6 hours.

    If you are thin and flexible then it is fine.

  • Think i will try and give one a try somtime over the next few months. 

  • raleigh burner for me image


  • I was thinking the one with a built in motorimage

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