Bruised ankle bone

I've been running in some new Asics gels for about 3 weeks with no problems but seem to have now developed a red bruise on the ankle bone ( actually the small bone which sticks out under the big ankle bone on the inside of my left ankle). Did 13 miles today in my old shoes and felt ok for most of it but felt sore uphill and also towards the end. Have iced it but not sure what else to do. Have just started marathon schedule and run about 5 times a week but not sure if I should now rest it for a week to try and get rid of the soreness. Should I keep trying with the Asics and thread them looser or should I go back to my old shoes? Has anyone else had a similar problem? It doesn't feel sore when I have no shoes on but runni g with shoes on seems to make it worse because of the friction caused by the ankle against the shoe.
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