5 weeks to improve 10k time


I have been training for a 10k which i completed today (43:30) in howling winds. My brother was meant to come and compete as well, but was ill. We have now found another 10k in early january and i am wondering what sort of training I should do for the next 5 weeks?

In preperation for this one I was completing:

Tuesday 3 x 10 min temp with 2 min recovery or 10 x 1min sprint 1 min recovery

Thursday 20 min slow, 10min medium, 5 min fast, 1 min sprint

Saturday 5x 5 min tempo 2 min recovery or 8 miles medium

My feeling is that I am knackering myself with each run being around 6 miles once I include warm up and cool down. 

Could I usemy time better? I do have the option of running to work one day a week (4 miles each way). I also cycle to work most days. 
I was also wondering about doing some strength excercises as I have never done any before?

any ideas gratefully received.




  • It looks like a good training program to me. You might want to throw a longer slower run into your program in two weeks time just to keep the distance in your legs but other then that you look like you are rightly making speed/tempo work the focus of your training. Best of luck for the next few weeks

    Triathlon Blog

  • thanks, really hoping for a sub 40 at some point in the next 7 months. (before I turn 41) in July.

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