Monday 10th December

On the fourth of july, 1806, we set sail from the sweet cove of Cork

Lyrics selected with a logical theme in mind....let's see who's with me.

I'd like to do a little bit of training tonight. Run, maybe?
Unfortunately I ate a delightful ginger bread cookie last night, decorated by my kids. Unfortunately? Yes, I chomped one of those stainless steel ball bearings and broke a molar. Brilliant timing.


  • Morning all:
    Lyrics yes...working on your theme tho'
    What: Early morning core sesh in the gym possible mini plod later
    Why: It's Monday
    Last Hard: Yesterday's 8
    Last rest: Thursday
    Lots of frost and ice today but beautiful clear sky. Great to be alive. Beginning to feel like Christmas
    AH hope all goes well at Physio today

  • Lyrics are The tale of the Irish Rover, (what's the link say you?) by The Pogues (all say ahhhh).

    This thread is now dead, go and use Tom's.

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