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Hi All We've moved to a new place and I discovered a lot of great trails in the area, leading through muddy, hilly forests, dirty farm roads etc. Yippee! I feel this is a good excuse to get a decent pair of trail/offroad shoes. I'd welcome personal recommendations. What I am after is: Budget: up to ??80 I overpronate so I'd go with a stability shoe I run ca. 3x/week these days, up to half marathon distance on longest run Shoe must be very durable that does not resent hard core, muddy runs! Thanks peeps


  • Hi Timim.i overpronate and i use the asics trabuco trail shoes which has some stability built in. been using them for 3 years now.they are great because they can do the trails and off road up the mountains etc but are still fine for running on roads if you need to run a few miles to get to the trails..

    they are not as light as the fast looking shoes but then i'm not a fast runner so never at the front end of the races.........

     new they sem to be about £80 but i always get the seasons before colours in the sale so only pay around £45 a pair

  • pronation control is not very important in an off road shoe since the ground is rarely or never flat so it negates any benefit you get from that.

    i cant say enough good things about salomon trail shoes, they are very very durable, and most importantly the lacing system is brilliant, its that which makes them the best imo, 

  • Yeah, forget the pronation control it is not relevant for trails. Since hills and mud seem to be in your future, I agree with Salomons and recommend the Speedcross 3. These have big sticky rubbery lugs and there is enough spring in them for stretches of tarmac or harder trail. They will wear out quicker on tarmac than ordinary shoes, though. Another one I like a lot other than trabuco is Asics gel trail fuji sensor. This is goretex but a bit pricey maybe? Asics gel trail lahar are good too, but not so coarse a tread for mud. Inov8 roclite will do mud but the ride is firmer and they have more extreme mud shoes if you need them.

  • NB 110's, end of story...£39; get two pairs.  Good enough for road/trail jaunts, fell races and Brecon Beacon ultras. I've only ever felt out of my depth a few times with these and this was when only a proper lugged shoe would have done.


    I really can't understand how Speedcross are so popular, too narrow, too unstable, too expensive, too padded around the ankle (lets a load of debris in), too heavy, but they do look great and I wish others would license to lacing system.

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    Thanks for the tips so far - really appreciate the detailed advice. I have just bought a pair of Salomon Women's XR Mission, which was within my budget. It has been a very difficult decision, perhaps when they wear out, I will try an Asics or New Balance one!

  • Salomon Speedcross, before I went barefoot I ran in these, the sole is aggressive and great for mud or any Inov8 but check the sizing out in this brand.

  • I also need some. However, my budget really is less than ??50 at the mo. Should I go Adidas? I had some cheap NB ones before and they were a 'mare!
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    NB 110s are great and less than 40 quid in sports direct.
  • Keep an eye out for the Adidas Adizero XT3`s.. there lighter and more stable over rough terrain than Salomons speedcross 2 or 3, grip wise there isn`t much in it either.. Given my current pair some serious abuse and there showing minimal wear!!


  • They expensive?
  • Bought two pairs for £80!!  A real bargin if you ask me, there light, gripy, stable and have decent flexibilty... one of the best shoes I`ve ever run in for transitioning between the forests and tarmac... 

  • I love my Inov8 stuff; I am on my 3rd pair of Roclite 315's. A great, well made, general purpose shoe and in your budget.

  • Cheers. Are the Adidas Kanadia any good? They seem to be about for fair prices.
  • Tried the Kanadia TR3`s but never again, found them stiff, quite heavy and not very stable on rough terrain... the polar opposite to the Adizero XT3..

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