Richmond Half Marathon – 5th May 2013 – Place wanted

Hi, does anyone have a place for the Richmond Half Marathon on 5th May 2013 that they would like to sell?

Please email me at

 Many Thanks,



  • Its probably a bit early to be asking for places, it only sold out a week or so ago. Try in a month.

    Cant believe its sold out so early this year image

    I'll be marshalling somewhere on the course image

  • I was surprised it sold out so early too!!  Thought I'd try my luck for a spare place early just in case, but I wasn't really expecting a response until the new year.

    Thanks for the advice.  Hopefully see you there.

  • Wow that's sold out early !

    Saw the other day that there's going to be a new half in the area at the end of March, might be worth a go if you can't get into the Ranelagh one?

  • Hi there, I also would like to run the Ranelagh Harriers half marathon on May 5 and I am obviously willing to pay the £5 admin fees plus the original entry fees. Please feel free to email me on if you have a spare place... Cheers, M

  • also looking for a spare place


  • same here, spontaneity doesn't always pay offimage. Please email /forum/smilies/]



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