Talkback: Boot Camp Day: ASICS Target 26.2 2013

great video but once again the website is leting the compettion down..when you vote for one asks you if you want to vote in another...great..but when you click on it it tells you the competition is closed.......only on looking carefully can you see that they have linked you to last years competition.....

I think this might put some voters off 


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Yes, I had that too. Had to go around the doors to get back each time.
  • And me... image


  • Also I may be missing a bit but doesn't say if my vote went through or not???

    as for the video.....Haha humm the video!! bet you couldn't spot me!!


  • if you try and vote again in the same catergory it should tell you that you have already voted.well it did last eyarimage

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