Newbie Injury Diagnosis Help Please

Hi Folks

First time on the forum and hoping for some guidance on injury:

Had been training for first marathon and was up to 18-19 mile runs when started getting pain in right calf at 12 miles, like a very bad cramp. this started to happen after 10 then 6 then 3 mile runs. Rested calf (almost 2 months now) but still get sharp pains in it.

WhenI tried to run on through it for a few miles the first time I started compensating on my right side and it took 1/2 mile to warm up my hip / hamstring and  let me get into stride.

Now I can't run more than 1-2 miles without pain in my upper hamstring, glutes, hip and lower back - this even after the 2 months rest.

Left knee also giving me gip (assume it;s form compesnating ofr the right side?)

Any thoughts welcome as to how a calf problem has escalated so much???


  • Hi Barry

    I'm interested in more specifics about your training - i.e how much you stretch and what type of stretches. Do you do any speed work, or just longer runs? What shoes are you currently running in/did you get them fitted/ how long have you had them? and what sort of runner are you (ie heel striker or mid/forefoot)? It could be any number of things from a suddent increase in your training load, to something as simple as getting a new pair of shoes fitted.

    Let me know these and we'll see if we can get to the bottom of this!

    Nick - Moti Bristol

  • ' how a calf problem has escalated so much'?! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but seeing as you carried on running and training whilst you were injuries and thereby making it worse, that's how it escalated so much. But I've been there, and done that, and sometimes we are all a bit in denial and make it worse. Next time you get an injur STOP RUNNING and figure out what's up!

    So, what was your original injury? What pain is it? Have you seen a pyshio? Have you stopped running yet?!
  • Original injury was calf. Thought it was just bad cramp and stupidly ran on for a 2-3 miles the first time it happened. Did a few more runs where it felt ok (ish) but eventually started getting pain at less and less miles. Physio said it wasnlt a majotr tear and a couple weeks rest should do.

    Took a full month break and now when I try to run any at all distance I get pain in my upper hamstring, butt, hip and lower back (same side as calf). Physio put it down to overcompesating when I injured the calf and tried to run on - however it's not getting any better whatsoever even with another months rest.

    Am at my wits end with this.

  • what I'd do is find a running shop where they can look at your gait.  It would be good to see how you run, as it could have been building up over years of use, and then when the calf went, everything went with it.  Get your gait checked, or get someone to have a proper look at your running style.

  • Hmmmmm...your phsyio doesn't sound much help at all. Maybe get a second opinion?

    I am no medic whatsoever, but it could be your leg overcompensating - but that should stop.

    Have you been stretching and doing strengthening exercises? When you start back running - do you start from scratch and build up or carry on where you left off?

    How do you think you got the first injury? Do you think it is the wrong shoes/over training/not stretching/running form?
  • Ok, thanks for the advice so far folks.

    Have since been to get some neuromuscular massage (deep tissue using the electric impulses)  on my calf, hamstring and ass. Lot of scar tissue identified that needed broken down so am now on a rehab and stretching program.

    Lady who did the NM work really sounded like she knew what she was talking about so here hoping 2013 will see me back on the marathon trail (fingers, toes and everything else crossed!!!)

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