Jacket for the winter

Does any one know of or can recommend a jacket at a decent price that will help keep me warn and seen while out running at nights? Rain proof would be good as well.

I have a Ronhill jacket which in windproof put the material is very thin.

Obviously I know that I may be asking a bit to much as the idea is that they stay breathable and light, but I thought I would ask anyway. Otherwise, what else do people to to stay warm? Last winter, I used the above jacket and a long sleeve t-shirt but since taking up running, I've lost weight and now feel the cold a bit more.


  • Thermal base layer and windproof gilet for me. If very cold I put a l/s t-shirt on as well (or any combination of the above).

    Would never run in a jacket.

  • Run faster to get warmer image

  • i wear a merino thermal top such as helly hansen and then if it's really cold a tracksuit top or if it's wet a waterproof jacket. i like the brooks nightlife 2.  

  • It's minus 2 and I just ran home in merino baselayer (love it!), long sleeve asics top and thin gilet.   Perfect.  I have an Asics storm shelter jacket but find it too  hot and  never wear it. 

  • I bought a karrimor x-lite as it was stupid cheap from sport direct. It is really thin and I have found it warm enough, I think thats what's underneath it is more important, baselayer and tech t-shirt at the moment and have been warm enough...and I'm a generally cold person.

  • The requirements are tough based on the first post!

    The Ronhill Windlite jackets are very thin and are only water-resistant. A lot of running jackets are also thin / lighweight like that but some of the Gore soft-shell feel and are warmer whilst being very waterproof too.

    The thing is you might need to pay a bit extra to tick all the boxes. The Ronhill jackets are now about £50 and the prices in our range go up to £180 for a lovely Ashmei which does fit the bill.

    You not get high-visibility from all colours but the trim is always reflective and you can always use bibs or clip on lights for extra. Anyway, check out our range here:


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