Stolen bikes

While I was out swimming some arsehole has nicked both my bikes

1x 2007 Dolce elite

1x 2011(2012)  tricross

I'm gutted. They were in my back garden so someone jumped the fence and lifted them over.



  • Bloody hell, that's awful! imageimage


  • image I can't help out but just want to show my outrage!!! Gobshites!! image
  • Gobshites indeed. if I find them I will kill them.

  • Some people are dicks! I'd be crying image

  • Check Ebay and the usual outlets, generally people who resort to this type of theft are not that bright, and sometimes don't know what they've got hold of

  • Sorry to hear about your bikes, must be gutting. If you do find them don't hold your breath for getting them back quickly- a friend of mine is a semi-pro cyclist and had one stolen a couple of years ago and despite it being recovered within 48hrs he only got it back recently. I think he wished it hadn't been found and the insurance had paid out instead. 

  • Thats bad penguingirl. The bikes aren't that valuable. I still need them though as I cycle commute and they are my only form of transport now. I'm going to have to replace them.

    I want a road bike as it's fun and I need the Tricross as it's a good commuter bike, not as fast as the road bike but better on the back lanes around here which are awful.

    I will check out ebay and the local vender of second hand bikes.

  • We have a local Facebook page where people flog stuff called Buy it, sell it swap it. Check if there is one in your area too. I can't prove it but half of the stuff on there looks so hot I can almost see the smoke.....image

  • Try Gumtree too, apparently a lot of stolen bike show up there.

  • And places like your local Cash Converters.

    As EKGO says, some of the people who carry out this kind of theft aren't too bright, and are just after some quick cash.


  • there's a guy up the road that sells second hand bikes, he just flings them out at the top of his garden. I'll be taking a walk past there - quite frequently.


  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    B*stards!!! Sorry to hear that T.mouse. Mine and boyfriend's mtb's got stolen about 6months ago, never to be recovered. We were lucky that the insurance did pay out and we ended up getting better bikes for less money.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    dislike image Sorry to hear about that Mouse. Agree with others - check the local buy/sell pages. Were the bikes marked?

  • Were the bikes locked?

    Attached to something irremovable?

  • No but I doubt that it would have changed things if they were. They came equipped, it wasn't chance. They'd've had bolt croppers to get through the cables. The bikes only get locked together when I'm not using them.

  • You're guessing.

    Lock it or expect to lose it.


  • That's really crap.

    I'd not leave bikes outside though - certainly not unlocked. How do you know they would have been prepared ? They didn't have to be - so they could easily be opportunists.

    Have you seen the metal boxes you can lock your bikes inside ? I'm thinking once they've nicked those bikes they will be back for the replacement so you'll have to up your security.
  • Well, in order to get to the bikes they pulled the fence out at the bottom of the garden. The garden is 120ft long. They couldn't see the bikes from there. They had to force their way through the undergrowth by cutting out a path and climbing over fallen trees without falling into the soak away. Up the garden path, nick the bikes, back down the garden, through the undergrowth and out through the fence then possibly back to the top where again possibly a van was waiting.

    The garden itself is or was secure. The gates are locked and bolted and the garden is surrounded by a 6ft close boarded fence. You can't just casually stray past and notice the bikes. They were in an alcove at the back. You'd have to know they were there.

    No point in just chancing it to see what somebodies left out in their garden. Too big a risk. It was premeditated and if I had locked the bikes they'd have the right tools to cut the cables.

    They didn't touch anything else.

    Yeah, I know the security needs upping. We've already done that once this year. I stopped securing bikes to the wall as I was worried more about the fabric of the building, it's a little fragile and I thought the thieving bastards wouldn't care about damaging the property.

    Locked or otherwise they'd have gone.

  • Do not admit they weren't locked to the insurance or you'll get nought however good you think your fortress is!

  • Someone has seen those bikes from a neighbours property.  Exactly the same thing happened to someone I know.  In that case the bike was locked to a ladder, the lock was left intact and a length of scaffold pipe was left in the garden.  It was their second visit.

  • That's bad news indeed. I would be gutted. I have 3 bikes and worry about any of them being out even if locked. Always telling myself that will have to get one of those really thick locks in town. I would be worried though if someone was watching my garden that closely.

  • Depends on the area I suppose but I'd guess in most places bikes of that value left unlocked in a garden will go missing eventually.   I lost a MTB a few years back in similar circumstances - could have been opportunist or someone could have seen it in the garden from some flats across the road.   I also lost a shopper bike that I'd got from the tip - so they stole something someone else had thrown away.  


  • I have a tattoo on my arm. Its the Punisher skull, with the words 'The Punisher' under neath it, then the words 'if your guilty, your dead'. (Look on google under Punisher tattoos, and scroll down, you will eventually see it). Sums up how i would feel if some f*** did that to me.

  • is it a real tattoo or one that washes off?

  • I hope it is a peel off tattoo, or I would have a word with the tattoo artist if he used the spelling you put in your post. Also I don't like the idea of theft of any description, but I think you may be coming down a little heavier than most would see as reasonable.

  • Ghostrider wrote (see)

    I have a tattoo on my arm. Its the Punisher skull, with the words 'The Punisher' under neath it, then the words 'if your guilty, your dead'. (Look on google under Punisher tattoos, and scroll down, you will eventually see it). Sums up how i would feel if some f*** did that to me.

    Such a hardman, I'm sccared just reading that.

    I can't be aarsed googling it but can you post a link please? I suspect I'm not alone in wondering if it really does say your and not you're...

  • you could hire your arm out as a personal bodyguard or hang it in a window to frighten off a would be thief.

  • I think death for bike thieves is perfectly justified.

    Apparently there was a study that showed cars gave you more room if you had tattoos. Well visible ones anyway.
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