Stolen bikes



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  • To the op(I'm ignoring the tattoos out of politeness). That sucks. My partner had her bike stolen from our gated car park in the locked bike shed. Along with two other neighbours bikes. The police treated it as a burglary as it was stolen from a locked building and came round our flat for a sympathy visit.

    Interestingly, when my partner got knocked off said bike a few months before and needed surgery, no police came round for a sympathy visit or to ask any information about the idiot who couldn't drive.

    But we live in London. One friend of mine has had 9 bikes stolen. I think living where we do, it's got to be expected. Sadly.
  • 45% of london

  • Unfortunately, if they have been once, the chances of them coming back again are quite high because they know you have bikes, know where they are and know how to get at them.

    There are a whole host of things you could do from simple to overkill.

    The simpler ones , as mentioned, are to keep them locked up at all times. If they have to be outside rather than inside, and if youhave  quick release wheels, take a wheel off each - they will not be able to ride them away and would make them  difficult to sell on. If appropriate you could go for ouside security light and also  go for outside camera - even a dummy would do.


  • I have gone for the option of painting the replacement tricross with pink hammeritte.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    sorry - just found this...
    I hate burglars of all sorts, but unless your garden is overlooked, someone was clearly tipped off (or overheard you talking about the bikes).
    Given you have a 120' garden, its probably worth getting a solid structure up (garage/shed) to keep them locked up.
    Although in your case it sounds like a team of 'professional' lifters, any security puts off the opportunist thief.
    I think you have to be careful regardless of the neighbourhood. Does annoy me though as where I live (cul de sac) every house has a garage, some a double, yet its only us and one other house (out of 30) that put the car in the garage. Guy round the back had a laptop, ipod and some other gizmo nicked out of his car earlier this year. It was overnight, but it was also on the drive.

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