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Sorry, I know this has probably been done to death but I hate trying to use the search feature as I know it will only direct me to mean in mankinis when what I'm really after is something useful.

Pumps - the sort that you fix on your bike and use in an emergency to pump up your tyres - recommendations please.

I know that one or two always come out tops but can't for the life of me remember what.

Multi tool; I need tyres for Specialied tricross - ones that are better than those fitted for off roading a little bit. Most of my mileage is on the road but I use a lot of tracks and one of the roads I use is more of a track than a road antway.

I've had both my bikes stolen and am trying to replace them and all the bits and bobs that I had on them. It's really hard trying to think of everything you've added to a bike. What mudguards did I have? What saddle? Oh and the locks.


  • In the saddle bag on my bike I've got a basic multi-tool, split chain link, CO2 inflator plus several canisters of gas, puncture repair kit, tyre levers, wetwipes and a ten pound note in a jiffy bag.

    Don't forget the bottle cages and pedals, did you have any chainstay protectors or bash guards?  Plus any fittings and sensors for bike computers.

  • pumps - Topeak or Lezyne.  if it's an insurance claim, go with Lezyne - more £ image

    multitools - Topeak Alien or Crank Brothers multi 19 offer the broadest range of tools and are both highly rated.  I have an Alien

    Soma tyre levers are plastic coated steel so have strength and don't damage rims

    packs - Topeak, Spesh or Lezyne - we have a combination of these

  • That was the info I was after FB - knew you knew the makes.

    I'll prolly go for something nice in the new year when I have some pennies. i really like the road bike for it's speed and agility but it's a luxery so I want to get something decent. I'll have to look after it a bit better.

    Might go for the 2013 Dolce Elite but I'll need to upgrade the brakes. It's going to be expensive and no insurance.

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