Tibialis Posterior (apparantly)

Ive had shin splints on off since i started running 4 years ago. Every summer i trained like a nutter (ran 6 miles everyday as fast as i could). Similarly the next 2 years. 

After last summers training i had really bad pain at the end of the GNR. So this year i thought id build up a lot by running small amounts throughout the year. 

Ive now been to see 3 physiotherapists with my PTT ive not been able to run or do any of the things i used to for almost a year now. I used to do climbing, skiing, trampolining, biking and obviosuly running. Now if i do any of these it ends up stinging the next day. So basically im really ******* fed up!

Anyway, any other suggestions after RICE, massage, heat therapy, tens machine, resting for a year, strengthening, ultrasound, trigger point therapy...

Im trying to get some acupuncture but am now feeling like ive spent too much of my parents money so i have to go through the NHS. 

I feel worried that if i even go on a night out that, any form of dancing (however bad) could cause me another 2 months worth of recovery.

Just wanted to rant really. Thanks


  • I've had shin splints recently and still suffering. Although it may be compartment syndrome. I know my tibialis posterior has something to do with it as when I had it massaged last week it was the worst pain I have ever experienced! Mine came on due to poor biomechanics combined with overtraining like you have done, albeit a little more carefully!

    I know how you feel about being seriously fed up. I've had this for 7 months.

    What is the actual damage? Is it just chronic shin pain like me?

    I'm hoping orthotics will sort mine. It sounds like yours may have been damaged whereas mine has just been overworked. Mention your biomechanics to a Physio. Acupuncture won't do a great deal long term I'm afraid.

    Are you completely resting at the moment then?

  • I know that deep-massage feeling, not the best, had half an hour of a strong physio wailing into my leg. I did over exagerrate, i did more systematic training the second 2 years but still quite obvious to me now too much.

    Well its not actaully that painful, it just feels very week and quite a dull pain at the moment, but thats because ive been resting it for about a year. Ive had orthotics, it sort of felt like it helped a bit but then i settled into them and they dont seem to do anything. (back to where it was earlier). Ive started doing swimming and using an elliptical trainer a bit.

    My problem i think is that i have bow legs so it puts too much strain on the tendon running up the inside of my leg. I got told that its unlikely il be able to run because of it. If you plan on getting orthotics i think its worth getting the carbon ones because i think mine have changed their shape as i got the cheaper (£75) foam type material. Double the price for something which sounds like it works better. My dad spoke to a guy who runs for britian in the sauna and he said that he had foot problems but then used carbon inserts and that helped alot.

    The other thing i did wrong was keep running on it and then did some really tough cycling as well so that while it was injured it didnt heal properly and just got worse

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