What should I be eating and when?

I'm training for charity run next September, running approximately 6 marathons in 6 days.  I have never run a marathon before.

My long runs are now up to 18 miles, but am now concious I should be paying more attention to what I eat and when, but I have no idea.  The last long run (18 miles) I did was late evening and I hadn't eaten anything since mid-morning.  When I got in I ate pizza and chips.  I'm no expert, but guess this isn't the diet of Haile Gebrselassie.  Am I doing myself any harm?

I get in from work at about 6.30pm and usually go for a run at about 7.30pm.

So, back to the topic question, what should I be eating and when?

Any help would be well received.

Many thanks, Shaun





  • Have a look at www.optimumnutrition4sport.co.uk. Lots of good stuff!

  • Not a nutritionist - but one recipe I was given for post workout shake from a good nutritionist:


    Coconut milk, scoop of vanilla protein powder, couple of scoops of frozen berries and maybe a little bit of almond butter..... YUM!

    I hate milk so the coconut milk is a great replacement for me. Hubbie just has normal milk with a whey/dextrose mix aimed at endurance recovery.  This is only after disgustingly long or hard workouts though.


    Otherwise advice I have been given (which seems sane) is to make sure to prioritise recovery food - so doing a long run and having your main meal afterwards (even pizza and chips) is a good idea.



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