Stanford Hall Half-Marathon

Hey Guys and Girls,

I was wondering if any of you have seen the new half marathon at stanford hall in march? i'm debating entering but didn't know if anybody else was? or peoples thoughts on it? 

If no one has heard of it, it's here


thanks in advance every one image


  • Is this an off-road half?  Not obvious from the website.

  • I've just called them and they have said it is on quiet roads around the villages of stanford hall.

  • This event goes through my village so I will be doing it. The route is a nice route past the reservoir. It's a bit lumpy, but for me that is likely to be more of a problem on the downhill bits stressing my already trashed knees.

    It's a road route, but does not appear to be closed roads, but as the organisers state, the roads are very quiet country lanes, although approx 3 miles are on slightly busier B roads.

    The area around Stanford is lovely, well worth a visit. Come back later for some of the motoring events. Italian car concourse, VW rally, classic motorbike events etc.
  • I too live on the route of this and train regularly over these roads. Most are quiet and have some lovely views over rolling countryside. 

    There is a medium uphill at 3.5 miles, a short, sharper steep one at 4 miles and then some rolling hills but nothing too scary after that. Last mile home is mainly downhill so a nice boost for the weary legs.

    I'd want to know how they plan to manage traffic leaving the event. Unless organisers operate a one-way system, those who finish in say 1.30 might be driving out on  the same, narrow, road  that the 2 hour runners are trying to finish on. But hopefully that will have been thought through and exiting cars sent north towards Kilworth...

    Good luck to all on the day. 

  • Is it accuratelty (ARC)measured cant see anything

  • Hi folks, I am doing this one, looking forward to it, if its hilly, I probably wont match my bath half time! Oh well, see you there....
  • hi folks, is this race on next year, similar date??

  • I entered this to run this March but it had to be cancelled due to the snow! I'm now waiting for my code to move my entry to this year. Let's pray no more snow.

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