Hydro-mag or fluid??

Think i've narrowed down my options to a elite chrono turbo but been slightly thrown by the two options between the elite chrono hydro-mag and the elite chrono fluid. Which ones better? Wiggle has them both on at about the same price at the moment but the hydro-mag has 40% where as the fluid has 20% off (so the hysor-mag is more expensive). Tempted to get the hydro-mag purely as its more expensive but also realise that ost doesn't neccessarily mean better! 

Any thoughts??


  • I can't comment on the mag, but I bought the elite super chrono power fluid. Happy with it so far, bit unstable when out of the saddle, but its quiet. I think that the hydro mag may have a more stable power curve than the fluid. Not too sure though, hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge will come along, cos I'd be interested in other opinions on this also.
  • +1 for the fluid , love mine and it's really quiet with a mat under it
  • Thanks both. I think i'm just going to opt for the fluid one as this has the most reviews. Also knowing that every one that seems to have one loves it and it 'does what it says on the tin' is quite reassuring - i'm not an ironman so i'm sure it will fit my purpose of becoming half of one! Live in a 1 bedrom victorian flat so noise is a major consideration and i've read today the hydro-mag may be slightly louder - even if theres a slight increase in noise that probably makes the decsion . Would still be interested to see comments on the difference though 

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