Warming to the idea of running in winter?

As temperatures plummet during the winter, its very tempting to give running the cold shoulder.

If a summer of rain wasn’t bad enough, when just round the corner comes dark nights and weather cold enough to worry any brass monkey.

The weather is only going to get worse until spring pops up again in March, leaving the forecast for running, bleak with little chance of high pressure. Here's my thoughts on running in the winter - appreciate your comments http://itsallmyownwork.wordpress.com/2012/10/30/warming-to-the-idea-of-running-in-winter/


  • Hi, i read your comments. I think even the most dedicated runner feels the urge to just stay in, and hang up the running shoes. For me, the winter just adds to the beauty of running, that you become closer to nature, and feel the elements initally fight against you, then work with you, as you warm up, and dont overcook.

    My philosophy is, just to dress with the elements and get my arse out there. I never give running the cold shoulder unless i am ill, then i know when to back off for a week or so till i am all well.

    There is nothing wrong in what your doing. I know people doing the same. Many look at me as if i am mad but running has always been my release valve, and i get great pleasure from it. And if you want your running to improve, then you do have to be out there regularly. You cant just come and go with running. Well you can, but you pay the price. Your legs hurt more, you get tired more quickly.

    I also have Brighton half in Feb, so if i want to do well (give or take injury), then i know i will be out there running, rain, sleet or snow.



  • Thanks for the feedback and great advice. I guess battling the elements as well as the usual breathing and tired legs is part of the challenge. I'm still running so its a bonus. I'm planning on the marathon in the spring so it's a useful motivation over Christmas. Thanks again for your comments
  • Well I had decided that due to the drop in temperature and that fact that the fingers turn white and loose all feeling that the bike was not a good idea and was going to put it into hibernation for a while and seriously questioning the running. Then yesterday I found out that you can  buy electrically heated gloves that I did not know existed and went out to get a pair this morning. If they work then it is game on again. The rest of the body can be kept warm with the layers.

    Ok they are actually ski gloves rather than anything that looks anything like running gloves but if they work no worries.

    I also always used to quite like the period between October and March when the races had all but died out and you could just run without any pressure of distance or speed.


  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭
    I LOVE winter running. I'm a northern girl and struggle with the heat. I love the challenge.

    Favourite kit - Bridgedale x hale socks - so toasty - contain wool and lovely snug fit, Nike thermal gloves (super warm and only for the coldest days), fleecy headband - so versatile - under cap is warmest, over cap just to keep ears warm. Cap alone keeps a lot of weather off my face.

    Lower maintenance - having the whitest legs on the planet means a lot of work in summer before I go out in shorts - I know I know stop howling - its a girl thing!

    An early morning run in the freezing cold + big bowl of porridge + hot shower + big mug of tea = something approaching heaven IMHO
  • I hated winter till I started running. Now I love it. Yesterday I was freezing in a cold field -4C, frozen trail made very difficult running in my minimalistc New Balance Minimuses but I stuck it out and completed my 9 mile run. This morning I had tempo 6 miles and what a change, a gale force wind, 5C and pouring rain. Came back and soaked to my pants but happy that I roughed it out. I haven't got expensive kit, I have 1 pair of thermal trousers that I keep washing over and over again, ona pair of gloves and hat, this year I have been wearing a buff round my chin and around ears in really cold weather under a baseball cap when really cold and felt great, such a simple piece of kit and so invaluable. In the summer I use a buff to mop sweat. I love it all, come rain or shine.

  • I prefer the cold weather when i run.I love the coolness on my skin and the wind to help me gain better stamina. I think winter is more of a challenge for me with all the different weather conditions and makes you and your running tougher in mind and body. Im actually not looking forward to running in the hot summer so i will get up at stupid o clock to run when it is cooler. image

  • I'd rather go running at 2pm in the mddle of summer in somewhere like Turkey. I hate the cold.

    How does running in winter make you anymore "in tune with nature" than the summer? Quite the contrary, in winter everythings shut down, nature's more sensible!

  • I totally agree with the point about it being nice just to run, i have also been enjoying some tech free running as of late with my headphones broken so no music and my heart rate moniter out of battery. However although its a nice change without i think i prefer with! 

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