'The healthy look'- an observation

Has anybody noticed (likely a stupid question) how athletes, of any level from novice to expert, 'look' like athletes? When I'm walking round school I can tell who is an athlete and who isn't (not by weight!) often by looking at usual facial figures and posture. Some of the best runners in the school (I was up there but alas no more due to injury) look totally different to everyone else. Their posture is perfect and firm, their skin perfectly clean and clear and they just generally have a chiselled, clean and healthy look. Does this make sense? I already knew they were runners and swimmers before I noticed this stuff but I now pay closer attention to all athletes and have noticed a similar thing.

When I was on form back in March and running 37:30 for 10k, I look back at pictures and see the same in me! Just generally clean and healthy looking.

Since my injury, which is still ongoing, my skin looks paler, I have more acne, my posture has slumped and I've put on weight (although I'd expect this). I feel horrible! It's not much fun being one of the fittest in the school then becoming the same as everyone else.

Is this due to the healthier diets athletes follow? Does exercise benefit appearance/skin?

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  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    There's even another level of identification, and that's which of the athletes happens to be the best.

    A few weeks ago I was marshalling a schools XC event where dozens of kids were swarming about, warming up etc. And I noticed one runner who simply stood out a mile as looking the part. Once alerted I also noticed the way they were moving prior to the start. They had the attitude of a winner.

    Lo and behold. They won by miles.

    Its a visual instinctive. If it looks right, then it probably is.


  • RicF as long as they werent swanning about acting cocky!

    i hate them sort of winners! (i was one of those non sport types hangin in the school playground corner having a crafty one)

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