Lower calf/achilles pain

2 weeks ago I did something to my lower calf/achilles, possibly when I was swerving out the way of a pedestrian mid-interval run, and this has resulted in me not being able to run since. There isn't a pain as such, more an ache and over-stretching feeling when my foot strikes the ground which I know is not normal. Can anyone suggest anything, at all? I had a sports massage to loosen my tight calves, and have another one booked.


  • Yes. Try googling eccentric heel raises.

    I have had this before, and sadly have it again right now.

    (a) warm up

    (b) gently stretch lower calf (soleus)

    (c) do the raises. I'd suggest both feet at the same time to get used to it for the first session or two.

    (d) ICE

    At least 20 raises at least once a day but there's plenty of advice out there. The raises and icing afterwards really work. Much better than just waiting for it to get better - something to do with the blood supply being quite minimal in that area.



  • By the way, you did absoltuely the right thing by being cautious and not running. This can be a nasty one, but from what you describe, you have not got it too badly. Be careful not to overstrain on the raises and ice for 15-20 mins. The first time I damaged my achilles, I was hobbling for several days and it was noticeably swollen. I was back running within 4 weeks and perhaps could have re-started sooner. But this does vary hugely between individuals. Just be cautious getting back running when it's feeling better.

  • Thanks. It has taken some willpower not to try and go out running!! But I have a few races next year that I have my sights set on for PBs and 1st time distances, so I've focussed on that ... (I still hate every runner I see on the streets at the moment though!)

    I'll start looking up those exercises now, ta.

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