Minor medial knee ligament strain

Hi all,

I am currently nursing a minor medial knee ligament strain albeit a majorly frustrating one!

I do not recall a specific moment when the injury occurred and I suspect it might be due to my trainers, which counteract my overpronantion, becoming worn over time and in need of replacement.  There has been no significant increase in mileage or any other factor that I could be attributable to causing injury.  I run 4-5 times a week and have been for a while so I know what my body is capable of.

I have run on it over the last few weeks and did a 10k on Saturday however afterwards it was quite painful and I decided a period of rest is required.  It is slightly tender to touch but perfectly fine to walk on. I am currently following PRICE and have been using anti-inflammatory gel and it is also strapped up with a support bandage.

I was wondering if anybody has experienced a similar injury and how long it takes to heal?  I am intending to rest for about a week and actually it is improving on a daily basis.  I have not run since Saturday.

Any thoughts/advice appreciated.




  • Depends on your age... and lots of factors... finger-in-the-air, I'd say 10-14 days.

    But I guess you know that trainers are only recommended for perhaps 500 miles - and if you're doing 4-5 days a week, you could easily be doing 100 miles a month. The maths is simple!

    Personally, I exceed the recommended mileage...  but if you're way way over, then you should get down to the running shop ASAP.

  • Thanks.  I did actually go for a test run last night and did around 5 miles without too much discomfort.  This morning it is a bit stiff but not too painful.  It's such a frustrating injury.  Hopefully some rest over the weekend will also help.

    I think your point about running shoes is perfectly valid.  Thanks for your input.

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