who is running the best crsscountry in mid essex

this race is run by grangefarm and dunmow  runners rc real crosscountry mud water and a leveler gives the slower one a chance to catch the faster ones why not run as second claim for grangefarm and have some mule wine and mince pies and enjoy the expererance well recomended for this sunday hope every one has a good time take care stay injury free gavin


  • Mule wine???image

  • mulled wine something to get you warm afterwards your need it

  • I'm running for Mid Essex Casuals.  Ran it last year for the 1st time and loved it.  Certainly not for the faint hearted!

  • See you there Gavin image first time and apparently it's going to be messy image image
  • Hey guys, whereabouts are you all based in Essex? I'm down in Basildon (don't hold that against me!)

  • Morning steve here's a little info if you need:

    Date: Sunday 16th December

    Venue: The Cricket Pavilion, STEBBING (Behind White Hart Pub)

    Parking: Follow direction to car park which is opposite Stebbing Primary School. Marshal's will be visible for parking arrangements.

    Race Start Location: About a 5 minute walk from the Cricket Pavilion

    Start Time: 10.30am

    About the course ....

    The course is full of water and mud, which hopefully on the day won't be frozen. The streams are full and there are extra areas of new low lying water that you will be going through. There are areas of boggy ground where you may lose a trainer, so please double knot your laces. The bogs are smelly so don't wear your best kit.
  • Sounds like proper cross country

  • http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=402739826464185&set=a.402734393131395.92112.402724119799089&type=3&theater

     If this works, this is a photo of me crossing The River at last seasons race. image


  • hi all got back from putting out the course you should not be disapointed you will get wet and muddy proper crosscountry will be marshalling this year because of a calf injury first year i am not doing it but i will be back soon when our wizard sports massager has sorted out for me howardimage hope everyone tomorrow enjoys the experierance tomorow take care stay injury free and say hello as you go by|

  • Gavin, I have to say I really enjoyed the race on Sunday.  It was wet, and very muddy, but great fun.  Already looking forward to next years race!

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