Aylesbury Boxing Day 5k

Has anyone run this before? It'll be my first time, and I'm walk/running my way back from injury and wondering if I'm likely to be last! For some reason I'm assuming that it'll be full of speedy people...


  • I haven't run it as the wife would kill me but can't imagine anyone will be quick after stuffing themselves on Xmas day or perhaps that's just me image

  • did it a few years back, when it was a 3 lapper, 2 main laps and a shorter 3rd one.

    Have heard it's 2 laps now.

    Which is good, as 3 goes up the 200metre incline slowed things a bit

    Quality field though, you'll get people in the low 15s and good coverage up to 17.

  • Thanks for the replies image

    It is two laps now, according to the website. With my dodgy knee I can't even begin to compete with anything around the 17 minute mark! Ah well, if I'm last, I'm last image

  • could you without the knee being dodgy? image


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