It's the season for brussels sprouts



  • I'll appoint myself brussels sprout monitor as usual - don't mind them boiled as long as they're not overdone!  Will be perfect accompaniment to this year's three-bird roast: turkey, duck, guinea fowl.  Mmmm!  Then if there are any left-overs, BS bubble & squeak with bacon.  I might suggest some smoked paprika, which I've been using a lot recently and goes very well with pork products generally.  I love Christmas.  It is all about food isn't it?!

  • If it wasn't I wouldn't take part Phil image

  • Was given cold brussel sprouts as a meze in Cyprus last year?! image Just WRONG!

  • Mmmm ... just polished off a big plate of bubble n squeak. With half a dozen fish fingers on the side. All slathered in tomato ketchup.

    Lurvely image

    Edit: This means I've scoffed a kilo of sprouts in two days. You might not wish to be near me at this time.

  • *sprays air freshner*
  • Works Christmas lunch today and as predicted there was a high presence of those green things. They look awful and smell dreadful but thankfully I haven't had the misfortune to taste one. I feel sick at the mere sight of them. Yuk. Muttley - I pity your other half tonight. !
  • Par boiled then quickly stir fried with bacon and garlic, yummmmm!

    On a scientific note it is apparently genetic whether you like them or not. Sub normal people image find the taste bitter so will never understand the full glory of the sprout.

    If you like sprouts do you like marmite? I love sprouts but can't stand marmite - might be another scientific study in the offing!
  • PB. But why is Christmas all about food? Something I've never understood
  • So if it's genetic it's not their fault that they do not appreciate the sprout in all its little, round and flatulence-inducing glory. Does that mean that we can't hate these poor people but we can point at them with pity?

  • Cinders wrote (see)
    PB. But why is Christmas all about food? Something I've never understood


    Because Christmas is a broadly a Christianised version of the Pagan midwinter festival (December 21st, winter solstice) which  was celebrated by feasting and gift giving (sadly the sacrifices bit seems to have fallen by the wayside) image

    So you could say it was about grub before it was about anything else.

    Things like holly, Ivy, mistletoe and pine also come from the Pagan tradition.



  • Muttley - how did you other half cope last night after you consumed so many little, round, flatulence-inducing green balls of poo ?
  • Muttley yes we should feel pity for those poor people, robbed of such pleasure just for having faulty genes (as opposed to farty jeans??!!)

  • carterusm wrote (see)
    Muttley - how did you other half cope last night after you consumed so many little, round, flatulence-inducing green balls of poo ?

    Ah, well, Mrs Muttley was given her marching orders 10 years ago and there is no OH at present. That fact and my consumption of brussels sprouts could possibly be connected, who knows? I could have done with some ballast last night because I had to tether the duvet to prevent it from floating away by itself image

  • so you eat you weight in brussel sprouts and then wonder why you sleep aloneimageimageimage

  • Sprouts, cut vertically into halves, then cooked in a Thai red curry sauce. Back of the net.
  • Shred them then toss in a little bit of butter and olive oil, season, add a splash of vegetable (or chicken/turkey) stock, add as much grated nutmeg as you like then reduce the stock until its gone.  Perfect with any rich meat, like turkey, beef or venison. 

    I have a minor addiction to sprouts and being a lady (really, I am), I never trump.  Not ever.  And if I did, which I don't, they would smell like Chanel.  But I don't, so there.

  • I made brussel sprout soup once, it was great!
  • I love sprouts. In fact, I like most green foods. Spinach, brocolli, avocados, pesto, ....

  • I also love brussel sprouts with salt on lovely.

  • Love sprouts - steamed, stir fried with muchrooms and chestnuts and garlic and soy sauce - good side dish - fried bubble and squeak styleee - beautiful little vegetable

  • I love brussell sprouts. Sprout soup is really tasty. And brussell tops - really yummy! Waitrose has red sprouts and the matching tops at the mo. As Muttley, guy ropes on the duvet are essential at this time of the year!

  • Just done a pan of sprout to go with tonight's roast beef. Yummy
  • Pub "xmas lunch" today -- with two count them two sprouts. Tsk

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