half marathon mid to late april in yorkshire

i am looking for a half marathon in or around the south yorkshire area in mid to late april as a warm-up race for edinburgh marathon ,i have had a good look round but cant seem to find a suitable option


  • The South Yorkshire half date will be announced soon I have been told. I reckon 17th march. From manvers lake and around dearne valley.

    Yes I know it's earlier than you planned
  • To be honest there isn't enough half marathons about in the north at that time of year. The only other one I can think of is blackpool half on April 7th. I will be doing the full there on that day
  • the owl dosnt refer to swfc does it ,thanks for the ideas ,i am going to do the ashby 20  in march ,i guess i will keep an eye out ,thanks   

  • I'm also doing Blackpool. Could give you a lift if you want to run that one?


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