Running Partner in Camberley - VLM 2013 training?

I'm running the 2013 VLM and looking for a running buddy in Camberley area mainly for the Sunday Long Slow Runs. So could travel a little to accomodate someone near to Camberley.

Hoping for a circa 4hr time, but can be flexible here.

Anyone local to me want to buddy up? Please drop me a message.

Thanks, Tim 


  • Hi Tim

    From what i can see you don't have your settings set so you can be messaged.  I'm a member of a running club in Cove and every year they have a number of people running London and have organised LSR on Sundays.  It's Cove Joggers, just check out their website or Facebook page.


  • They also meet up Tues and Thurs evenings in Farnborough

  • I take that back, you can be messaged.  Never mind, no point now, but message me if you want any further info.

  • Also might be worth having a nose around the Frimley Lodge parkrun page on Facebook, or checking out Sandhurst Joggers.

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