warm up/warm down


I don't warm up.  I know I should, but I don't. 

What should I be doing?

And afterwards, I do a few stretches and have a shower...so how to do I warm down and do I need to sit in a bath of cold water or wear really tight running tights to help recovery?

I'm currently running 10Ks in my lunch hour.




  • warm up is simply jogging slowly to warm the body up, get the heart going etc. Cool down is the same except you're slowing the heart down. A few stretches at the end of your run is good.

    No need for ice baths or compression wear. Just have a drink of water or a chocolate milkshake.

    That's about all you need for a lunch time run.

  • I think the jury is out on the benefits of stretching before exercise, but evidence suggests that stretching afterwards is useful.

    I do a dynamic warm-up for about 5 mins inside before leaving the house and starting with a fast walk or jog. My warm-up includes squats, walking lunges, single leg raises and push-up to get the right muscles engaged.

  • ok, that's reassuring.  With this really cold weather up here in Aberdeenshire, I was worried that my lack of warm up could cause an injury.  I'll try to warm up before my run and I like the idea of a milk shake afterwards.




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