Lisbon Marathon 2012

HELP!! Did anyone else run this event on Sunday 9 December?  My name is still not appearing on the finishers list and I worked my butt off to get a qualifying time for Boston image  No one is responding to emails either - has anyone else had the same problem?  Any helpful suggestions much appreciated!  Thanks


  • Er, I did it, but can find myself on the results.  Did you try using your race number?  I don't think entering my name worked.  From the rest of the organisation, I'm not surprised that you didn't get a reply as I don't think they are all that polished. I'd guess the number of organisers would be quite small. The volunteers at the aid stations were all great, though, and what a last 4-5km up from the Tagus to the stadium! 

  • Thanks Ally, yep, searched both.  Got a Portuguese colleague to phone someone as still no response to emails.  Apparently one of the aerials had gone down and about 100 people are affected - great!!  They are supposedly going through photos to determine finish times and then update the website but quite frustrated they still haven't acknowleged a single email.  Re. the volunteers - I couldn't agree more, a guy in front of me missed every single bottle at one station and the last lady to offer him one actually ran about 100m after him to make sure he got a bottle!!  Supporters were very kind as well, I enjoyed it for sure! (apart from dying over the last 5 miles......!!)


  • One of the aerials has gone down?? Do you know when the photos will be up and how to access them?

  • Not sure on photos but I now officially exist as a finisher!  Shame the certificates only show elapsed time not chip time though - missed a PB by 6 seconds - much gnashing of teeth !!!!  I guess they'll email us about photos at some point ?



  • Did anybody ever find photos to the 2012 race? Thanks
  • Nope image  I chased a few times but got nowhere, shame

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