• Damn was getting exited thinking that I'd be able to watch some of this, then realised that I should be having rather large panic attacks in Nottingham around then image


  • TB - dont think they've announced the dates for Outlaw 2014 yet image

  • me bad... was always told to read the whole question at school....

  • it silly to be excited over something 18 months away isn't it..image

  • This is great news. A think a cheeky weekend away in Yorkshire will be in order.

  • Well it's going to be cheaper than the usual trip to France we have been making for the past few years !!!

  • I shall be putting my annual leave in fairly soon !!!   15 months in advance or it goes   image

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    5th July will be the Leeds part, then I think there are two more stages (including London) before they head off for France image!


  • I am goning to one full stop period scuse spelling ratted on xmas office do
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Hi Max!

    (Hope you feel OK in the morning......image)

  • Ridgebackmax wrote (see)
    I am goning to one full stop period scuse spelling ratted on xmas office do

    image...ooOOoOooOOooo HIC! ooOoOoooOooo.....buuuuurp....ooOoOoOoo image

  • Don't the Tour de France organisers need a geography lesson?

  • It often starts outside of france. Every other year or so. Cities bid for it and they will go there if it fits in.

    I've never actually stopped in Leeds but driven past plenty of times. Looks like I will be visiting in 2014 then.
  • Leeds has been my home town on and off since coming here as a student in the days before the internet, been back here for 4 years after a dabble with North America and have settled in nicely.

    If you have not been ever, or for a while, drop in !

    I used to cycle regularly in the city centre commuting to work and remember the man from Evans cycle shop saying that if they had realised how bad Leeds was for cycling they would never have put a shop in the city centre! It's traffic and pot hole disasters every which way BUT, get out of town by even a mile and it's god's own cycling country.... its also not bad for triathletes !  AND was named one of the top places in the UK for running/jogging, everyone but me is a runner apparently...

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