Front foot running but overpronate

Need some advice. Three years ago, I got my gait analysis done and figured that I overpronate. Since then I have been using ASICS GT-2170 and it has worked. For last 1.5 years, I have switched over to front foot running. I need to buy news shows and before I buy, I wanted some advice as to does it matter if the shoes have stability for overpronation given I am a front foot runner now ? 


  • Not really. It is natural for feet to pronate, the arch of your foot acting as the shock absorber as it rolls inwards. I run in Brooks Green Silence just because they are light but offer some protection when compared to more barefoot style shoes. I land on the forefoot and my heel just touches but wouldn't say any weight goes through it. I weigh about 13 stone too so not a racing whippet! In conclusion, get a pair that are comfy and wide enough at the front so your feet aren't squashed up. Good luck!

  • I land midfoot/forefoot but i still need a bit of support i think. Its possible that you can still overpronate in the forefoot cycle of the gait. That may or may not be an issue but i have found i have had issues when i have gone down to less supportive shoes.

  • I land mid/forefoot and overpronate.  I wear GT-1160, but whether or not I need support...who knows.  I've not had any problems so far, so why change.

  • Thanks for all your responses. Based on these, it feels like I can go for a comfirtable wide general good running shoes

  • I used to, and still do when I'm knackered, underpronate. I also land mid-front foot. I generally wear a low drop shoe (6mm-0mm) and very occasionally go out in my old asics and I just can't get a comfortable mid foot landing as the heel always stops what my feet are trying to achieve.
  • if you want something with support but feels good for forefoot striking then the obvious choices are Saucony Mirage or Brooks Pure Cadence, I have had both but preferred the Mirages.

    I pronate and now run mostly in Saucony Kinvara's and love them, they don't have much support but they feel great and have never had an issues.

  • Or buy some super feet inserts then you can use more or less any light neutral shoe!
  • I am less convinced by the Mirages. For ally. That they are supposed to have a lower heel drop I have found them to feel quite bulky.
  • The Triumph are similiarly bulky and the very flat sole encourages a real road slap if you try to mid foot strike. They do have a low(ish) drop but the midsole height is still huge. Kinvaras would be the best bet if you could expect more than 250 miles from a pair (a little more outsold please Saucony).
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