Velocity End of '12 Run 14K

Dont forget there is also a flat 7.8k run as well which will also have prize vouchers on the course , the two distances will be together for the first 4k then they will separate , the 7.8k turning left and the 13.8k carrying straight on .So far the weather is holding up and long term forcasts are ok .


  • I'll be there, I had a great morning running your A20 half marathon in November, it would rude not too!
    Looking forward to itimage

  • be good to see you again , Sharon , not so far this time though ! Numbers are climbing slowly but i tend to suspect that most will come and enter on the day once everyone knows what the weather will be like - i reckon it will be good for a run .

  • I'll be entering on the day too, come rain, sun or snow! Staplehurst, should be a nice run like you say and a great way to end the year. 

  • Just registered for 13.8!  I'll be back of the pack part of the "runners with slower times than usual ……." folks image

  • I'm in!  Can anyone who has run before provide details on the hills - approx where they are on the course; approx how long each hill is; approx how steep? Helps me with my mental prep and pacing etc.  Would appreciate it.  Merry Christmas all!

  • I assume we pick up our numbers on the day? I've not had anything through the post yet.
  • e-mail just gone out to everyone registered - as per usual just turn up to register on Sunday from 8am onwards to pick up your race number and timing chip - those who havnt yet registered can enter on the day from this time as well - its gonna be dry and sunny !

  • Bit windy this morning, lets hope the wind drops for tomorrow.image

  • See you all there. I'll be waddling round after all the Christmas excess!
    Vittzuk, I've got a feeling the steepest hill is about 3 miles in, just over 1/2mile in length.

    We are so lucky if it's a dry day image.

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