The D & V bug that is floating around...

60,000 people caught it so i heard, and thats only an estimate. The dreaded Diarrhoea & Vomiting bug, which probably has other names. But whatever you call it, i caught it. Tuesday night, the night from hell. Wednesday all day in bed. Thursday, started eating again, feeling a bit weak still. Friday today, eating normally, but the urge to go out running, was last thing on my mind.

I am a regular runner. 25 miles a week average at a 7.1 average running pace. But i guess the old saying is to feed a cold, to starve a fever. Get yourself 100 per cent back again, since heard enough stories where people didnt, ran in the bad weather, and then sufferred.

Anyone else out there been in the same boat recently?


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I once had that after drinking water from a then, crystal clear river Kennet in 1975.

    Its bad. You have to have a bucket handy since the effort of vomiting makes you shit yourselfimage

  • isnt it called the norovirus? image

    i had the same sort of thing a few weeks ago (didnt shit me self tho image)

    took me a whole week to recover but DID come back fighting fit and didnt loose fitnessimage

  • I think 60,000 is a conservative estimate.  Latest figures said 750,000imageimageimage.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to all sufferers - although it might be quick way to achieve the supposed 'ideal' running weight as claimed in the latest copy of RWimage.

  • I had this 6 or 7 years ago on a cruise in the Caribbean - I was ill for a week, was on a drip for 2 days and was given antibiotics (not to mention a big pile of immodium!). It took me quite a long time to get over this but there was a rather nasty sting in the tail. The antibiotics caused an imbalance in my gut bacteria which after a few years left me with chronic fatigue (apparently my immune system was working overtime and stressing my adrenals). 2.5 years now of fatigue but it is finally under control and I should be able to get back to training early next year.

    So, if any of you get offered antibiotics for this or any other condition, my advice would be firstly to be sure that you really need them and if so, take vast doses of probiotics to make sure only the good stuff thrives in your guts afterwards as the consequences can be rough to say the least!!

  • Am feeling a bit out of sorts after a dose of galloping gut rot for a couple of days. Wrong time of year to be losing piles of weight. RicF; I had to laugh at your reply image reminds me of the 'fun' I had many years ago with a dose of Giardia (amoebic dysentery); which is possibly what you had, as it is a water-bourne bug. Lost two stone in no time! After that anything else is a stomach upset!

  • Norovirius is a virus (the clue's in the name) nobody should be giving anybody antibiotics for it!

    Just use motilum for the nausea and imodium for the other thing. It's still nasty but they help you get through it. I had it about 18 months ago.

    For me the worst thing was the severe heartburn that followed the vomiting. That didn't go away for about 10 days.

  • Peter,

    Surely by definition anti biotics would be useless against the novoVIRUS?
  • Screamapillar/Surrey Runner - you are both absolutely right I'm sure. At the time though I was so out of it they could have been shoving smarties in me (either end!) and I wouldn't have known, I had very little idea of what was going on. I would certainly urge anyone being offered antibiotics to question their value first if possible.

  • I feel for you Peter, it is irresponsible.

    All you need is fluids and something like dioraylte to keep your sodium and blood sugar levels up until you've recovered enough to start eating again.  

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