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I recently re-subscribed to Runners World, but took the option to have the downloadable version on my iPad rather than have yet another magazine in the house.  Great methinks, this is also good for the environment.  I also thought, excellent I'll be able to access subscriber content, for example some of the race details and training articles.

I struggled to access the subsriber content so mailed the RW email helpdesk.  They eventually got back to me and coolly told me that subscribers via download could not access subscriber content.  No reason was given.  I mailed back, but have had no response.

Now I guess dowloadable subscriptions are cheaper, but I would have assumed that was because it was saving paper and print costs? I don't understand why i can't access subscriber content and think it's a poor show that not only did you say no, but you didn't explain why. 

I will be writing to Runner's World directly, but thought a post of on the forum would allow someone to respond to me if they could help without me having to wait for snail mail (and this even assuming anyone does anything with the letter other than bin it).



  • Really? That does sound a bit poor. You would've thought incentivising digital over print would be something they'd want to do. Same income but fewer costs.
  • Hello

    You must have spoken to our subscriptions dept rather than us on the website as that information is incorrect - all our subscribers are entitled to full content on the site, regardless of which subscription model they use. Please could you email us at with your email address and subs number and we'll give you access?

    Apologies for the problems you've had,


    Katie RW

  • Thanks Katie.  I'll do that.  I did hope a post on here or at worst a letter/email might clear this up and it has.  

    Faith restored.

    Many thanks


  • Hi Mandy

    I was away from the office last week, but just wanted to check everything was sorted for you?


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