need a change from Nike Pegasus 29 for a neutral forefoot runner for marathon.

I've  decided might be time for a change a sthe new Nike Pegasus 29 doesnt seem to agree with my legs. Im a neutral runner and I land on my forefoot, im in training for London 2013, anyone recommend  a good cushioning trainer for runners who land on the front of their feet not heel, not fussed about labels or image, just need a good trainer.



  • Nike free. They're not bad.
  • I would definitely recommend Saucony Kinvara 3's good cushioning, light and 4mm heel to toe drop.

    Everytime I see them sitting on the stairs they make me want to go out for a run, really great shoes.

  • Now free are very good.
  • Thanks, not sure i could run in the run free, whats this 4mm drop heel to toe thing thanks, is that thickness of sole from back to front which gives you an idea of the padding under the feet?

  • Brooks pure flow, 4mm is the height difference between the midsole and heel ie. barefoot would be 0
  • Asics zaraca or 33 range are excellent for mid-forefoot runners. slightly lower profile than the cumulus/nimbus, and lighter too. The fluid axis promotes a more natural technique, so the 33 range is ideal.  However if you're looking for a cheaper shoe (the excel retails at £150 ish) the zaraca is again used for mid-forefoot runners, and is £70. Still offers cushioning, plus is very flexible.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    150 quid for a pair of running shoes? More money than sense for some people!
  • Thanks, I might step back to the pegasus 28's, really got on wit them, the 29's feel as if they have no cushioning underfoot.

  • Any other suggestions for comfy running shoes, not into the whole free run or minimal shoe yet as had an acl knee op 7 months ago so need good cushioning.



  • you could look at the nike vomeros, or even at the asics nimbus/cumulus. I run fore/midfoot in my cumulus and theyve been great.  However saucony triumph 10s are also a great option. Slightly lower in the heel, but still offer excellent cushioning, and are hugely lightweight

  • Thanks guys, anymore recommendations, oh and happy new year to you all.



  • Anymore ideas cheers. Heard asics have mild support in every shoe so might avoid them, new balance seem a good choice.

  • I'd go to your local running shop and try a few pairs on the treadmill. Much better guide that way.
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