Sweets in the 70's

Has to be Refreshers.

You can still get them and when my boys go to a party and get a partybag I usually see if there are any there!

Also, do you remember spacedust (orange flavour)? THe one that you put in your mouth and it just fizzed like crazy!



  • Sweet tobacco..image

  • Texan Bar.

  • Another one for the Texan Bar


  • I remember the Texan bar really chewy - did it have choclate on it too?

  • Texan bar lovely chocolate on the outside with chewy light orangy coloured nougat. I also loved those crisps called fish and chips in a newspaper looking packet and the fish and chips were shaped as fish and chips.

  • if you listen to music with headphones and eat spacedust at the same time, it's like listening to an old 78 record image

  • silent knight rider wrote (see)

    I remember the Texan bar really chewy - did it have choclate on it too?

    Another Texan Bar fan here. It was a chewy nougat covered in chocolate - but not that sort of pink / white nougat you could buy.

  • Another vote for spangles - I always wanted a Jensen Intercepter car the colour of a purple spangle. Bet there's not many on here who remember the Jensen?

  • Another vote for Spangles.

    And Pacers.

  • Night Nurse wrote (see)

    Sweet tobacco..image


    I think it was branded as something like 'Old Spanish Tobacco'

  • Xyloid wrote 


    I think it was branded as something like 'Old Spanish Tobacco'

    Spanish Gold it was called ...chocolate and coconutty taste 


  • Can still get sweet tobacco in my local sweetie shop.

    I remember Aztec Bars, but they might have actually been in the 60's! image
    And Fools Gold - little teeny lumps of rubbish bubble gum that came in a groovy cloth bag. 

  • Spangles were great KK - I'm sure they did a cola favoured one or was that something else? I rememer too my local sweet shop in Norterhn Ireland where I grew up, sold sweets for a half a pence each. Used to buy fruit salads.

  • spangles did a version called old spanish? quite different and all the same flavour in a packet my dad's favourite


  • Cola bottles (the non fizzy ones) and thanks to this thread remembered pacers and their very mind washing advert.  Also loved the coconut boost, shame the only one they kept was biscuit!

  • Pacers for me, although I don't remember the advert.

  • Anyone remember the Jamboree bag..?   It was a bag full of little sweets like the space dust flying saucer thing, black jacks, sherbert dips, 'firemans hoses', bon bons etc...



  • Caramacs were great (and another vote for Aztec Bars).

    Wasn't there also a chocolate bar called Bar 8, or something similar?

  • Oh yes pacers white chews with green stripes through them a bit like opal fruits but minty. Does anyone remember floral gums they were tiny midget gems that tasted of perfume.
  • black jacks

  • Refreshers were my favourite image 

  • I never really liked sweets, I was more of a Bovril crisp sort of kid.

    Parma violets image who would voluntarily eat something that tasted like that?

  • Amazin Raisin bar...



  • I think it was called Bar 6 -

    As far as favourite sweets  I think it must be sherbert pips.

  • http://www.assetstorage.co.uk/AssetStorageService.svc/GetImageFriendly/721320890/700/700/0/0/1/80/ResizeBestFit/0/FRU/8CE525894DBEABC1F4E31D74CC374030/cola-cubes.jpg


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