Charity races overseas

There's a guy (name forgotten hence the question - think it's terry something but not totally sure I'm not thinking of Terry Prachett the author although don't know why) who I think had cancer and was Australian. There are runs around the world which are held in his memory (bearing his name) and basically I want to know what his name is so I can find out when the Shanghai race is. Can anyone help a woman who finds it impossible to write a simple question?


  • Sara the guy was called Terry Fox and I think he was Canadian, I have vague memories of him trying to run across Canada on one leg (or something like that)
  • Thanks! I was only a few thousand miles and the wrong illness out!
    Will now look him up and then see about the race
  • Just in case it's of interest - on a different, but related tack.

    There is a Sri Lankan marathon (I've lost the web site address but can find it if it's useful) which I know Hope for Children would be happy to support you in as a lot of their work is in Sri Lanka - expanding further since the ceasefire. (They also have contacts in Hong Kong who might be able to facilitate things if you were interested.)
  • I went to Nice a couple of years ago in October and saw a man wearing a Nice 10k T-shirt. Anyone have an idea when this race is run, as I would not mind a run on the french coastline?
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