Aerobic Training: How fast can you get?

I have read a lot of articles about aerobic trainning and how important it is but i have always wondered how fast could i get just by aerobic trainning, at the moment i train just under 25 miles per week mostly easy runs with one fartlek session per week of 1km on and 1:30min rest in between. what if i up the training slowly over a few weeks/months to 60 miles per week of only slow paced aerobic trainning, what would be the quickest time I could roughly do over say 10km? could i get below 6min per mile just with aerobic trainning, im male and 24 years old if that helps.


  • if you go from 25 miles a week to 60 miles a week you will see a dramatic improvement in your times ( in races )  as long as you do it sensibly and stay injury free.

    Go to the HADD thread and read some of their actual improvements based on this type of training....

  • Anaerobic would be just very very short sprints ?

    Or do you mean without interval training ?
  • no aerobic trainning: running at slow and easy pace for distances between 5-15miles.

  • I agree that aerobic training is very beneficial. When I ran competively around 4-5 years ago I never believed it I mean how can running slow make you fast right? I just kept up running at anaerobic threshold and never really getting much faster in the distances over 5km. So any way I was bored of running by then so started just plodding at 9 to 10 minute pce miles for an hour around 4 days a week thinking I was just maintaining my fitness. 4 months later I entered a 10 mile fun run for the hell of it and nailed it in 60 mins where as before that would take me 90 mins blowing a gasket. I couldn't believe it. Try it.
  • thanks, will defanite give it a try.

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