Nose clips

I'm trying to perfect my tumble turns ... trouble is that although they're coming on well, on about one turn in 5 I get my breathing wrong and get water up my nose. Yow! It hurts so much that I'm then disinclined to do any more tumble turns that session, so I don't really improve.

I'm thinking that nose clips might be the answer but this puts me into really foreign territory. Do they work? Do they really stop water going up your nose? Are they all the same? Or are some brands better than others? How much?

Oooh, questions questions questions ...


  • LizzyB,
    Got one for Dr. Nic in her swim training for the channel.. I think it lasted about 5 mins...

    I believe there is also one with a elastic chain attached to it so you don't loose it... Worth a look maybe..?

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I use a noseclip, because even a small amount of chlorine up my nose really irritates the lining. I use a Speedo one - like a small hooped piece of wire reminiscent of teeth braces, with flesh coloured rubber grips at either end.

    As long I position it properly, by having the exposed wire going over the top, and the bottom of the rubber grips facing out the way, it stops everything (even air) getting into my nose. I've only ever used that particular kind, and find it great.

    From memory it cost about £3.
  • damn...
    and now Nic knows how 'expensive' her major big league present was...


  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Oooh.. shopping trip beckons. Thanks everyone.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    hi lizzyb, that sounds painful. do you try and consciously brethe out slowly through your nose on the t-t? after a while it'll come as second nature breathing through both nose and mouth.
    this is what i was told before anyway :O)
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  • I use a speedo nose clip and works great for TT and swimming. Bought it at John Lewis as couldnt find in anywhere else. I found that now, although i dont like it, i can TT without one, but still much prefer to use it. Dont think its banned for tris or swimming comp, so i thought why not?
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Daz - I really try to breath out of my nose but am SO busy cncentrating on everything else that sometimes I forget. Or the water comes in regardless! I'm not very good ...

    My latest bad habit is shooting off at 45 degrees when I push off out of the turn.

    Tee hee,scares anyone who dares to share a lane with me out of it! :)
  • i found "going straight" the hardest part, that and not going downwards from the push off.Just keep practising and it will come in time.
  • Sorry about that MM - it was the vaseline, it just slipped off, never to be seen again... :-(

    Probably my best ever pressie, tho..!
  • I use nose clips for kayaking, when I expect to roll. So that is practise in the pool or just before scary rapids (which in my case is any rapid ;)

    The ones you get for whitewater kayaking probably are a bit sturdier than the Speedo ones: two rubber circles with a strong bend spring. Usually with a piece of rope to have around your neck so you can take it off without losing it.Available in any kayak shop i would think.

  • Hi LizzieB,
    like Nessie I use a simple one since my sinuses get very irritated without one. I've put some elastic from clip to my goggles and that works well so as not to lose it. Takes a short while to get used to having one on but worth it.
  • I use a nose clip too as I also suffer with my sinuses if the water gets up there!

    Mine's a little pink one!
  • most of the chaps I know don't wear them because of the more - um - masculine dimensions of their noses.

  • I like to breath out my nose
  • but i do use ear plugs - but not up my nose
  • I don't tumble turn in open water swims .........
  • i dont bother with tumbles either
  • lol

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