Time Trial Bikes

Hi Everyone,

I'm floating about looking for a time trial bike to start using in longer distance tri's, rather than trying to adapt my road buddy into a TT.

Does anyone know of any good places to look for one second hand? Obviously flea-Bay is a good start (not much there really I think), but any others?




  • Gumtree, Preloved, Timetrial forum.


  • Thanks F.oggy!

  • D0MD0M ✭✭✭

    You could try emailing a few Tri clubs in your area.


  • Do not be too quick to write off flea-bay. I have brought some good stuff; but, look at what else the person is selling. You will know from this if they are bikey people or selling stolen goods. Secondly look for a bike that has a recognised group set (the parts) Campag. Shimano, SRAM. I look for bikes that appear to have been built by the owner (with a mix of components from different groupsets) and avoid bikes that can be bought as a unit  from places like Halfords. Nothing against Halfords but I think they attract a "buy it, wreck it, sell it (on Ebay) sort of person. Trying to buy a specialist bike second hand should be safer, as I suspect you are more likely to be buying from someone who knows what they are doing and are upgrading; I think this is the best scenario. Ask a few questions; people (like me) get attached to their bikes and want to see them going to a good home! One big one... bikes used on turbo/static trainers a lot can be rusty, seized, knackered (sweat and salt). But I would say that now is a good time to buy a bike, not many around and who buys a bike this time of year?  But come early spring it becomes a sellers market.

  • Thanks everyone (esp. SideBurn) - brilliant!

  • Give IronRose a PM. He's sellling his QR Ti TT bike.

  • Good job I'm skint then

  • It's OK Rosey is a short arse anyway !!

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