One is not amused

Well after getting this cold bug that has been going around, I'm now down with Laryngitis.  I've got a feeling that first plod is going to be a difficult one.

....the amount of comfort crap I've eaten is no doubt not going to help.



  • Feeling for you mate - I'm suffering with the lurgy too - two weeks running missed now image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Rule of first runs back after illness.

    Finish feeling well.

    And if that means jogging about the house, so be it.

  • Had a strong return run on Wednesday followed by my first ever mixed session today. 5k exercise bike followed immediately by a 4k run. Whole new ball game for my new fatter self.
  • same here. Last run was 8th Dec (had a virus followed by chest infection).. Went back out today for first run. Went ok but took it very steady.

  • How did it all Steve?  I think I managed to over do the return and had a slight foot injury which started on Chrimbo Eve; decided to run on it Christmas Day which was a bad idea....I've been on my backside ever since.  Today seems to be the first day it's easing off!

    I've ordered a pair of these minimalist running shoes to slowly ease in to and add to the mix.

    So hoping for a gentle return this weekend...and a return that lasts more than a few months this time.

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