Just taken up running again

I was always a couch potato and certainly never a runner but I took it up a little a few years ago, to train and run a 10K for charity. I ran the 10k but stopped running shortly after and put on over 3 stone in weight.

I'm 43, and WAS 15.5 stone but joined a gym 5 weeks ago. I mainly use the rowing machine as a warm up for 15-30mins, then hit the treadmill. I started off jogging 2K then within 2 weeks I was dong 4K, then 5K and today I jogged just over 7K in 42 mins. My breathing rate was controlled, I didnt feel knackered (I felt good), and on the warm down my recovery rate was very quick.

What a buzz!!!!!!

I've also lost half a stone!

Just wanted to tell someone!!!



  • Well done Sean - it feels great to get off the couch and start exercising consistently. I'm 43 and have managed to keep going since January (25 years on the couch!!)

    Build it up slowly and keep the running easy for now. Have a look for a 10k early spring to help motivate you if you are inclined.

    Keep it up.
  • Great stuff, Sean - it'll become part of your life again in no time. image

  • Well done Sean,keep it goingimageimage

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