Has the time come for Arsenal to step aside and let another team compete for champions league glory.
Next year, when they yet again qualify, should they do the honourable thing and say 'OK Chaps we've had a fair go at this and now realise we are crap at this level, lets let some other teams have a go!'
Its starting to get embarassingly like Rangers over the last 10 years, dominating English football but failing miserably in Europe.

In my totally unbiased opinion perhaps the FA should step in and disqualify Arsenal now.


  • Rangers dominating English football? i must have missed that one.

    As for tonight

    c'mon the Gers!
  • I think Arsenal were smashing. It's not many clubs that will do so much for the avarage no-hoper sunday league hacker who dreams of one day taking to the field and scoring the winning goal in the World Cup. If top payed professionals didn't play like a right bunch of muppets then those dreams would be shattered. How could you keep the flame kindled when the gap between your inept self is so far removed from reality? Arsenal keep the paunch's eyes misty.

    Good on 'em! I say.

    Rangers have dominated English football to the point of ignoring the English Leagues and playing in Scotland for their entire history. You can't get more dominance than that.
  • Rangers are about to get something of a lesson about English football.
  • Who from ..... PLEASE don't say man u.
  • yes yes indeedy!
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